What does 0084 error in icici bank means?

0084 error in icici bank Sometimes customer end up getting from ICICI banking app the error message “Sorry. Your transaction could not be processed. Please try again (#0084). This simply means that either the account number does not exist or it has been closed. As the error message is not clear, it can’t be determined … Read more

MMID Full form

In India, online banking is growing day by day. There is hardly any need for any lieterate techy user to visit the bank for transferring funds. Everything can be managed with a single click sitting at home. Are you fully aware of the internet banking & mobile banking? You can carry out IMPS transactions using … Read more

How do App Developers Make Money?

How do app Developers make money How do app makers make money? The Question is indirectly asked for how apps make money for them or what is the process of making money after app development ? App developers concern is genuine as the development of a top-notch app demands a lot of time, patience,So before … Read more