Dunham’s gift card balance Check: Online, Phone, Store

Dunham’s gift card balance Check

Dunham’s Sports eGift Cards are distributed by CashStar, Inc., a Delaware corporation (“CashStar”). Dunham’s Sports eGift Cards are redeemable for food and merchandise at all Dunham’s Sports locations.

Dunham's Sports

At this time, Gift Cards can be purchased at any of our Dunham’s  Sports stores or online at https://dunhamssports.cashstar.com/.

Please note: On the back of every Dunham’s gift card it states “After 24 consecutive months of non-use, a fee of $2.10 per month will be deducted, in arrears, from the remaining balance of the card, except where prohibited by law.

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​ At this time, customers with billable addresses in California or New York cannot purchase Dunham’s eGift Cards.
No fees of any kind will be imposed on purchasers or recipients of eGift Cards.

Dunham’s Sports eGift Cards are available for purchase here.

If you suspect that someone has copied or stolen your eGift Card, contact Customer Support immediately. eGift Cards will not be replaced if lost or stolen without proof of purchase. eGift Cards have cash value and should be safeguarded accordingly.

How to check dunhams gift card balance

Dunham's gift card balance Check: Online, Phone, Store

Dunham’s Gift Card balance inquires can only be obtained at the store level. Please bring your gift card into your local Dunham’s Sports store and they will obtain your balance.

dunhams gift card balance check

To view your Gift Card balance, go to Customer Support.

Redeem dunham’s gift card

Refer to http://www.dunhamssports.com/ for Terms and Conditions of redemption.