How to get cashback from walmart gift card

Walmart does not NORMALLY allow cash back on gift cards. There are, however, a few states with laws that require retailers to offer cash back on gift cards that meet certain criteria. For more on the Walmart gift card cash back policy, see below.

Can You Get Cash Back From a Walmart Gift Card?

Walmart does not allow cash back or cash advances on gift cards, a corporate customer service representative said. In addition, gift cards cannot be exchanged for cash. We confirmed this information with Walmart store associates in Kentucky, Michigan, Nevada, and Ohio.

There are, however, some states that require retailers to offer cash back on gift cards that meet certain criteria. In general, the gift card needs to have a small remaining balance (under $5 on average) in order to qualify; most laws state the retailer is required to offer the remaining balance in cash.

On its website, Walmart states that gift cards are redeemable for cash in states that require it by law. At the time of this writing, the states that require stores to offer cash back on gift cards are California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Montana, New Jersey, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Washington.

Walmart store associates are unaware of state laws on cashing out gift cards. If your state requires retailers to offer cash back on gift cards and a store associate tells you that you can’t get cash back, you may need to speak with a store manager.

How do you get cash back from Walmart?

Just insert the card and press the “Cash Back” button at the payment terminal. Quick Cash transactions at a Walmart register are not considered cash advances, meaning there are no cash advance fees or bank charges. Instead, Quick Cash will appear on the card’s monthly statement as part of the original purchase.