Find who redeemed amazon gift card ?

Amazon will not disclose as to who used your gift card. If you have a physical gift card, either store bought or bought from, you can ask an amazon representative to check whether it was redeemed.

If you feel it’s a suspicion on misredemption of the gift card, you may ask them for further inquiry on it. If any of your known family members used it they’ll ask you check with them accordingly.

If not then they will investigate. If you receive it as a gift you will have to check with the purchaser.

Is there a way for YOU to get information on amazon gift card redemption without assistance? No.

If you can convince Amazon that someone stole your gift card, and they refund you the value that was taken, then it’s no longer any of your business who stole the value. Amazon will be the party in loss , and they will decide what action they will take.

If Amazon doesn’t refund you, you can file a theft report with the police. The police will investigate the matter . If Police contact Amazon, they will be asked for a subpoena. The police, and the district attorney in all likelihood won’t take the effort if the only potential crime is a stolen Amazon gift card balance, especially if you don’t already know that the culprit is local. (The local DA isn’t going to prosecute a any hacker.)

And even if they already know that your cousin Ron from two streets over did it, and the subpoena is only to prove it, they might not make the effort unless they think that taking of your gift card balance is part of some bigger crime.

So technically, there is a way, but it involves getting the police and the local DA to believe they have a big enough case to pursue it through a subpoena. And they are not likely to put forth thousands of dollars worth of investigative effort over your $50 card when there are far bigger thefts that need their attention.