$1360 OTB Payment Dates 2024: Check Amount, Eligibility

$1360 OTB Payment Dates 2024

The Ontario Trillium Benefit (OTB) is a combined payment program that includes the Ontario energy and property tax credit, the Northern Ontario energy credit, and the Ontario sales tax credit. These benefits are provided to eligible residents of Ontario to assist with various expenses related to energy, property tax, and sales tax.

$1360 OTB Payment Dates 2024

Here are some important points regarding the Ontario Trillium Benefit:

  1. Payment Schedule: The annual OTB entitlement is typically divided by 12, and payments are issued on the 10th of each month. But, if the 10th falls on a weekend or statutory holiday, the payment is issued on the last working day before the 10th.
  2. Application Process: To receive the OTB, eligible individuals must file their income tax and benefit return for the relevant year. The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) will assess eligibility and entitlement based on the information provided in the return.
  3. Components: The OTB includes three main components: the Ontario energy and property tax credit, the Northern Ontario energy credit, and the Ontario sales tax credit. Eligibility for at least one of these credits is necessary to qualify for the OTB.
  4. Payment Issuance: If the 2023 return is assessed by June 20, 2024, the OTB payments for the 2024 benefit year will begin on July 10, 2024. If the return is assessed after this date, the first payment will be issued within four to eight weeks after assessment, with subsequent monthly payments following thereafter.
  5. Payment Method: OTB payments are typically issued by direct deposit for those already receiving income tax refunds or other benefits electronically. But, payments are made by cheque.
  6. Choice for Lump Sum Payment: Eligible individuals with an annual OTB entitlement exceeding $360 have the option to receive their entitlement in one lump-sum payment at the end of the benefit year, in June 2025, instead of monthly payments from July 2024 to June 2025. This choice must be indicated on the annual tax return.

The Government of Canada and the Ontario Province manages instituted various programs targetted at providing income relief and rebates to citizens, particularly in light of rising inflation. One such huge initiative is the Ontario Trillium Benefits 2024 program. Eligible residents receive a payment of $1360 as part of the OTB Payment 2024, which is credited directly to their bank accounts. This payment comprises a combined credit of Property Tax and Energy Rebate, and the disbursement occurs according to the $1360 OTB Payment Dates 2024.

To avail of these benefits, individuals interested in the program must first decide their eligibility by checking the Ontario Trillium Benefit Eligibility 2024 criteria. Once eligibility is verified, applicants must proceed to file an online application to claim the benefits offered by the program.

For the convenience of recipients, the Ontario Trillium Benefit Payment Dates 2024 are given, ensuring timely receipt of the financial assistance. Additionally, it is advisable for readers to review the OTB Payment Amount 2024 corresponding to their specific categories, as this will outline the benefits they are entitled to receive under the program.

The Government of Canada extends many forms of income support to residents across the country, including the $978 OAS Payment 2024 and other assistance programs. One such important initiative within the Ontario Province is the Ontario Trillium Benefits program, which provides monthly payments to eligible families.

These payments act as combined rebates for Energy Rebate and Property Tax, giving financial assistance to households in need. To ensure transparency and convenience, detailed information regarding the $1360 OTB Payment Dates 2024 has been made available for eligible recipients.

Under this program, eligible families and households can get the $1360 Ontario Trillium Payment Benefits directly in their bank accounts on the 10th day of each month. It is imporant for all registered participants to review the $1360 OTB Payment Dates 2024 provided in the table below for clarity on payment disbursement throughout the year.

Payments will be deposited into recipients’ bank accounts and can subsequently be withdrawn to settle Energy or Property Bills. This streamlined process aims to facilitate the efficient distribution of financial aid to those in need.

$1360 Ontario Trillium Benefit Payment 2024

ProgramOntario Trillium Benefit 2024
Type of Rebate Property Tax and Energy Rebate
$1360 Ontario Trillium Benefit Payment 202410th of Every Month
EligibilityResidents of Ontario Province
OTB Websitecanada.ca

$1360 OTB Payment Dates 2024 Schedule:

Month$1360 OTB Payment Dates 2024 Schedule
JanuaryJanuary 10th
FebruaryFebruary 10th
March March 10th
AprilApril 10th
MayMay 10th
JuneJune 10th
July July 10th
August August 10th
SeptemberSeptember 10th
OctoberOctober 10th
NovemberNovember 10th
DecemberDecember 10th

Ontario Trillium Benefit Eligibility 2024

  • Check the criteria below to know about Ontario Trillium Benefit Eligibility 2024.
  • First, you must be a resident of the Ontario Province.
  • Second, you must have property in Ontario.
  • Third, you must be paying taxes such as Property Tax and Income Tax.
  • Fourth, you must have paid tax in the previous financial year.
  • If you pass through the points then you will receive $1360 as lumpsum payment in your Bank Account.

Ontario Trillium Payment Amount 2024

  • The Ontario Trillium Payment Amount 2024 is $1360 and it is the maximum amount given to the residents.
  • You can get this payment in your Bank Account through Cash Cheques.
  • All the senior residents in the Ontario Province are eligible to receive full payment in their account.
  • You can use the instructions below to claim the Ontario Trillium Payment Amount.

How to Claim $1360 OTB Payment 2024

  • You can Claim $1360 OTB Payment 2024 with the help of Instructions below.
  • If you are eligible for the OTB Payment then you will automatically receive the benefits.
  • You do not need to fill the application form to claim the benefits.
  • If you think you are eligible and not receiving the benefit then you should contact the CRA.
  • Moreover, you can raise objections to the CRA for receiving the benefits.