Middle Class Income In Canada 2024: Province Wise Average Income

Average Middle Class Earnings in Canada 2024:

In Canada, having a steady income is important for meeting daily expenses and ensuring a decent standard of living. The government has established minimum wage standards for each province, providing guidance for workers across various sectors.

It’s estimated that approximately 15% of Canadians earn more than 15% of their previous income through their salaries. After taxes, the median income is around $66,800, while the Average Middle Class Income in Canada for 2024 is projected to be around $70,000.

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Average Middle Class Earnings in Canada 2024$57,600
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Understanding income levels is crucial for individuals planning to settle in Canada or seeking insight into the country’s economic landscape. Whether one belongs to the middle class or the affluent segment of society, a regular income is indispensable for maintaining a comfortable lifestyle and meeting basic needs.

Statistics reveal that a significant portion of Canadians earns a huge portion of their annual income through salaries alone. A recent survey, the Labor Force Survey conducted in October 2023, indicated that the average annual pay in Canada stood at approximately $64,850.

Canada has a high standard of living, offering stable employment opportunities, a politically stable environment, and consistently ranks among the top 20 countries globally in terms of offering competitive salaries. With its reputation as a great place for professionals and top talent worldwide, Canada continues to attract individuals seeking promising career prospects. Below, we outline key insights gleaned from our discussion:

The Canadian government has implemented ways to ensure fair and equitable wages for its citizens nationwide, contributing to a stable economic environment.

Province Wise Average Middle Class Wage In Canada 2024:

ProvinceMinimum Wage Rate (Per Hour)Maximum Wage Rate (Per Hour)
British Columbia$15.20$16.75
New Brunswick$12.00$16.60
Newfoundland and Labrador$12.15$16.65
Northwest Territories$14.00$16.45
Nova Scotia$12.95$16.80
Prince Edward Island$13.00$16.50

Average Income In Canada Based On Profession:

There are different wages based upon the profession, and the work a person is doing. The government of Canada has announced the average wage for every profession. All the readers are advised to check the table below to get a brief of the Average Income In Canada Based On Profession.

ProfessionAverage Income In Canada Based On Profession 
Electronic Engineering$71,358/year
Computer Engineer $78,423/year
Nursing $54,675/year
Software Developer $68,475/year
Business Analyst $67,088/year
Data Science $54,800/year
Network Engineer $ 72,222/year
Recruitment Specialist $ 48,635/year
HR Manager $71,774/year
Sales Manager$63,120/year
Operation Manager $70,875/year
Surgeon $195,420/year
Finance Manager$79,192/year
Lawyer $76,772/year

Highest Paid Jobs In Canada 2024:

There arevaried basic salaries based upon the profession in which a person is working. In 2024 Canada government announced the most highly paid jobs of the country. Below is the list of theĀ Highest Paid Jobs In Canada 2024.

ProfessionHighest Paid Jobs In Canada 2024
Mining, Gas Extension, Oil$135,506
Utilities $101,530
Insurance And Finance$76,482
Professional, Scientific And Technical Services$76,077.50
Public Admin$75,700