How to Earn $500 everyday on facebook

Best Ways to Earn $500 everyday on facebook

Facebook is a global brand name . More than 2 billion Monthly Active Users (MAUs) are, registered on this social networking platform and this number is still growing.Facebook is one of the best traffic sources for earning.

While Facebook allows you to be in contact with your known ones and friends, it also serves a good opportunities for people looking to make money online. So,the basic question may arise to a business minded individual “how to earn money on Facebook $500 every day”. There are many direct and indirect ways by which you can earn money from Facebook in 2021 .

Over the years, Facebook has grown into a good competitive space to make money and do marketing. Many beginners use Facebook strategies in a wrong way. They are either learning such strategies from Fake Gurus or they are just not getting the process.

To make money on the world’s favorite social media platform, you need a Facebook account and some simplicity.

Who can Make online Money With Facebook?

Anybody can make money with Facebook. you need to be persistent and not give up if your campaign doesn’t work first time.

The quality of your Facebook profile is going to be your best gateway of making a first impression. There are lots of Scammers or spammers on Facebook who promise you everything and never deliver. You don’t want to be like them as your chances of making money will be almost nil.

Make sure your Facebook profile looks like You are a real person. Put a picture of yourself or your business emblem in your profile picture or cover photo section.

Also, make sure you register the correct city you live in so that people don’t dobut you accidentally post in the wrong group. Finally, include contact information (preferably, email if you are one man company ) and a website link if you own a local or online business.

Depending on how you are planning to make money with Facebook, you should also consider creating a separate account. This way, you can keep your personal and business activity separate.

Why Facebook is good for making money online ?

Facebook ranks as the 3rd most popular website in the world, surpassed by Google and its video sharing platform, YouTube. That means, every activity you do on Facebook has a lot of impact around the world.

Facebook realized that people want to increase their earnings by social networking, for which Facebook has launched many tools, which allow people to make money. The website has global reach and allows registered users to post text, images, video and audio content.

How to earn 500 dollars a day on facebook?

Do you want to know how to earn money on Facebook $500 every day ? Here we are going to describe 10 ways or means to earn money from Facebook, which is based on the facts shown above.

you can use multiple ways to earn money as per your convenience. We have listed below 9 ways in which facebook might help you to make 500 bucks daily.

1.Facebook Marketplace

Facebook is a free platform offered by the marketplace social networking website.This allows you to monetize various deals, items and services and promote them under Facebook.

Facebook allows friends to inform others what you are selling, while the service allows you to reach thousands of people through your own social network.You can sell any service or item that meets the Facebook Community Guidelines, on this platform.

Same as to classifieds, the customer can reach you, inspect the good ones and finalize the deal and cost, shipping and other details too.

How to Earn Money from Facebook

If you have unique products or services, then you can make huge money. And encourage your dear ones to how to earn money on Facebook $500 every day..The stuffs and products sold on the platform like Facebook’s are rare, and can be get at much costly prices in brick-and-mortar stores.Purchase those stuffs and resell them online or through online stores.

2.Affiliate Marketing on Facebook

Affiliate marketing helps you generate commissions by sending your referrals to an affiliate offer. Affiliate marketing is a system by which you promote materials and product, brand, service or company to your contacts through Facebook pages or groups.Many merchants pay you to promote their products, including Amazon, Flipkart, VCommission, and many other merchants. Affiliate marketing is said to grow by 8.2 billion by 2022. Thus hundreds of niche products are being sold every day using affiliate marketing. It is easy to become an affiliate and start selling products in any niche.

  • find a good niche for affiliate marketing on Facebook.
  • Use Keywords tools or use Google trends and Facebook to do the research.

The most profitable niches for affiliate marketing are

  • Online Marketing
  • Health & Fitness
  • Love & Relationships
  • Spirituality
  • Pet Products

You can earn money online by joining affiliate marketing programs offered by these companies and posting your content on their Facebook page. Each time an interested deal sees an advertisement or content you post and becomes a subscriber; you stand to make some money.

Who Can Make Money With Facebook?


You can find the best affiliate products in your niche by signing up in any of these marketplaces:-

  1. Amazon Associates
  2. JVZoo
  3. ClickBank
  4. WarriorPlus
  5. Digistore24

Once you’ve registered with any of the above marketplaces, find products in your niche and research how the products are performing in terms of no-of sales, refund rate, conversion rate, and, most importantly, check if your product is in the top-selling list.

If a product is selling good in the market and has low refund rates. Then, it makes it easier for you to sell such products as a beginner.

Building sales funnels and generating income is an effective way to promote any product on Facebook. In plain english ,sales funnel is a process to implement series of steps to convert your traffic into customers. The most essentials steps to build a sales funnel are:-

  • Creating a Landing Page
  • Having an Email Autoresponder

Landing Page is the first step in creating sales funnels. The purpose of a landing page is to get people’s emails. After collecting their email ID’s, people will be redirected to your affiliate product which you’re promoting and if they don’t buy your affiliate product at the first glance. You can re-target them via your emails.

Facebook is one of the largest common platforms on which every business – from home ventures to the largest banks and consumer goods companies have a presence. We have noticed that many ordinary people are promoting their training, consulting, selling home-made products or even custom-made clothes and jewelry by Facebook business.

There are many options to promote your product on Facebook.

How to earn money on facebook $500 every day

You can also use the instant messenger service provided by Facebook to interact with your customers.

4.Create Facebook Content to earn $500

One can use an application called 22Social. As Facebook promotes people who have great knowledge and unique skills to create digital content. Materials that a sale can include PDF files, audio and video. Facebook also provides an great online tutorial for those who want to monetize their content using 22Social and social media platforms.

All you need is a Facebook page, a free 22Social account, a verified PayPal account and a free or paid account for digital hosting, including Dropbox, Vimeo, YouTube, Google Drive and SoundCloud among others.

5. Earn by selling Facebook likes

This is a controversial way to make money with Facebook. Some forums support the ‘Like’ selling facility on Facebook page. While some classify this type of process as illegal.

Even after all these, there are many markets that will pay you if you have sent some Facebook pages to your friends.

Your friends just have to click on the ‘Like’ button on that Facebook page. According to various reports, including one published by National Public Radio (NPR), people charge as much as US $75 to deliver 1,000 likes for their Facebook page. Others advertise the service on sites such as Fiverr.

Influencer marketing is not for people who have large numbers on Facebook. Most people do not allow people to ‘follow’ the most on Facebook because their content can put them at risk if it is dealing with sensitive issues like politics and religion.

However, influential marketers look for people with large networks of large people and friends. They can offer you to do the work of promoting your brand or ideology from the Facebook page, for which you can also offer money.

The system has come to light after investigations by US and other law enforcement agencies that some types of ‘effective marketing’ may conduct by some countries during election campaigns in the US and elsewhere.

As it is not harmful to present the brands of your products on your Facebook page in terms of effective marketing.

6. Earn from Facebook Ads

Facebook advertising is a feature extended by social media giant to corporate and individual users. This allows you to create and place a variety of ads that target a specific group of people based on age, location, and other demographic parameters.If you have a small business, you can earn money by advertising through Facebook ads.

The social media firm offers free and paid packages for Facebook ads, depending on your usage and target audience.

Additionally, you can also offer services to post advertisements on behalf of businesses that wish to remain anonymous. Many large companies hiring employees do not reveal their identity.

7. Manage Facebook Account to make 500 a day

Obviously ,you wont get 500 dollars from a single client per day. But if you are an agency and have good client base, you can easily charge upto 1500-2000 dollars per client per month to manage your clients accounts.

Managing social media accounts, especially the Facebook page of a company or celebrity, is a monetarily rewarding work from home option. There are scores of social media management jobs that you can find online.

These jobs required to manage Facebook pages can also be, done full-time or overtime. They are advertising under various designations such as Social Media Manager, Facebook Assistant, Social Media Specialist and numerous others.

8. Make $500 from Facebook Groups

There are many different reasons, due to which people want to open group pages on Facebook.

Open and Closed – These are two categories of Facebook groups.The group in which people can join anytime and easily called ‘open’ group.And a group in which you need an invitation or application to join has called a “closed” group.

You can also do your work for political party or business or as a micro-influencer through Facebook group.You can invite friends and also invite others to become members of the group.You can also ‘close’ the group, if you have reached your desired star.3.

You can search for the groups within your niche on Facebook and join groups with large no.of following. bigger the following of the group the more people you are going to reach with your posts.

The two main reasons to join Facebook groups for making money are:-

  1. Connecting with the people who are in your niche
  2. Easy to pitch your offer and convert your leads

Once you have joined multiple Facebook groups, you should initially connect with the people inside these groups. You can start posting valuable and informational posts within your groups. These posts should be relevant and should have something for people to engage

The best way to get engagement with your posts is to give a free informational and resourceful guide for the people in your niche. You can create an ebook using software like Sqribble.

9.Direct Advertising

In order to attract the customer, a small business can regularly POST advertisements on Facebook page.These advertisements can be about anyone, classified, services, products and employment.Many small businesses use Facebook purely as a platform to post their advertisements.People can also surf on the Facebook page created by the company with a view to find opportunities for themselves.

Facebook helps in connecting with various apps that allow you to open an online store or get a subscription. However, following news of worldwide data leaks in March 2018, the company is reviewing the policies governing its policies as well as the security levels of the apps.

Therefore, as on today, all those apps which help you to earn money by associating with Facebook, we would not comment about them.

As we can see from the highlighted examples, it is very easy to make money from Facebook. You need the inclination and time to cash-in on social media platforms.