How To Make Money With Clickbank in Nigeria?

We’ll be studying how to use Clickbank in Nigeria to make money in today’s post by doing just a little work.

A total novice or even an expert in affiliate marketing can use this strategy. If you are just learning about affiliate marketing today,We promise you that it will be profitable.All We need right now is your undivided attention and the drive to put what you learn here into practise.

One of the biggest affiliate networks in the world, according to individuals who are familiar with ClickBank in Nigeria.

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About Clickbank

What actually comes to mind when you hear the name Clickbank? Right, an affiliate network?
Well, Clickbank is more than simply an affiliate network; it’s also a marketplace where affiliates may deal with customers, makers, and sellers of goods.

Basically, this implies that you may make a product and post it for sale on the ClickBank network on an equal footing. Affiliates that are interested in selling your product will be able to advertise it on your behalf and earn a commission as a result.

Think of Clickbank as the middleman between those who create digital things like ebooks, videos, and so on and affiliate marketers who may sell those products (which is me and you).

Working of Clickbank in Nigeria

If you’ve SUCCESSFULLY setup your ClickBank account, Clickbank essentially functions anywhere in the world, including Nigeria. You may be wondering how it operates.

Clickbank is made up of two parties depending on where you stand on the platform:

1. Affiliate Marketing

You may start making money right away as an affiliate marketer by creating your own distinctive affiliate links for thousands of items and generating traffic right away.

Normally, anyone may enrol for free, thus I don’t see why they have a problem with Nigerians. Nigerians are sort of filtered out of the registration process.

However, despite that, Nigerians continue to sign up, which is something else you’ll read about in this essay.

2. Vendors

Vendors are the owners of the products, and as such, you are able to add your goods to ClickBank’s database.They will handle all aspects of checkout, payment integration, and affiliate marketing for the product.

You will be required to pay a $49.95 one-time activation cost to register as a merchant on Clickbank.

If you don’t want to deal with the technical side of things, this is typically fantastic, but you should be aware that the platform will take a sizable chunk of your sales ($1 plus 7.5% of the sales).

Steps to Open Clickbank Account in Nigeria

Create your Clickbank account in Nigeria by following this straightforward approach. However, there are a few prerequisites that must be met first.

Creating Your Clickbank Account in Nigeria Requirements

1. robust VPN (Premium if possible)
2. Put in a fresh browser
3. Create a new Gmail account that hasn’t been used with ClickBank.
4. Generate fake names (
5. A Payoneer account (create one here if you don’t already have one).
6. You can then create your Clickbank account after everything is in order.


To begin, make sure your VPN is turned on, your IP address is shielded, and, just to be sure, that you’re using a high-quality VPN. Then, check your location.

Go to the fake name generator website next.

Your new identity, home address, and phone number will be created by the website for you and will be required to activate your account.

You must select your country from the drop-down menu on the website, either the US or the UK. Then, all you have to do is copy the produced information, and you’re ready to go.
The phone number, city, postal code, and street address are the only information that are required in this case.


Here, you should then go to the ClickBank website. Next, select “Create Account” from the menu.

Next, fill in the columns with your first and last names exactly as they appear on your Payoneer account.

Keep in mind that this is your true name, not one made by a phoney name generator website.

You only need to provide the street address, city, postal code, and phone number, which will be entered in turn in the address column.

Information about your banking is on the following page. You will need a payee name, which is your real name, at this point.

To move on, enter your name exactly as it appears on your Payoneer account. The location of your bank is determined in this phase.

Choosing Product to Promote in Clickbank

Before beginning to promote a product, it is crucial to perform your study on it. The product you select will decide whether or not you are successful.

This is due to the fact that we have both good and bad products. How then can you identify the excellent ones and avoid the bad ones?

You must examine them. A major component of the process is screening the items. A few items to consider when vetting potential products for promotion are listed below:

Low-cost initial offer with up to three upsells, video sales pages, and “native” sales pages (pages that resemble articles), and products that have received positive internet reviews
higher than 20 g

How To Promote Product in Clickbank and Make Money in Nigeria

There are several ways at which you can promote this and actually make money. But I believe most people reading this are complete newbies with less capital to get started.

This is why I’m going to be sharing this source with you; you don’t have to worry about traffic or wasting your money for paid traffic.

How To Make Money from Clickbank in Nigeria

There are a number of ways to accomplish this, as I mentioned before, but I’m simply going to share the simplest and most affordable one with you.

This implies that it is literally free to make money with ClickBank in Nigeria. We’re going to use the Questions and Answer website to make this work.

This is likely due to the fact that you are essentially solving people’s problems. When someone is experiencing a difficulty, they require a resolution quickly. The best venues to find answers quickly are on “Q & A” websites.

How did you enter? You enter the picture by using your affiliate items to address their issue. Don’t worry; at first, you might not have the solutions to the issue.

You won’t need to worry, though, since I’ll show you in a moment how to solve these difficulties while also earning some great cash.

Target population (with issues) =>> Q&A Website => Your Response =>> $$$

If you desire an immediate sale, this strategy DOES WORK. It Operates

Why? because they require their answers fast to think of a master strategy as soon as possible.


The scope of this technique is a little bit wider than ClickBank itself, as you probably have figured. This can be used to promote your own items or other affiliate schemes.

This is just one of many other ways to earn money using ClickBank in Nigeria; I’ll be expanding this page to include additional strategies. But first, please use the comment section to share your thoughts on this or to let me know if it was successful for you.