How To Make Money With Pexels?


Pexels is a platform that provides images which are free for anyone to download. This website enables amateurs to make money from their photographs. Some of the other examples of these kind of websites are Pixabay and Freerangestock.

Make Money With Pexels

To earn money from your images it should be something that people are searching for. People want pictures that can be used for their projects according to their respective needs. Your photos should be suiting to a venture. In order to meet the required standard of photos, the basic thing you should have is a decent camera or a smartphone.

You can get a better idea of “what you need to capture” by referring to the ‘popular downloads’ section of the website. There you will see all other photographer’s work who are earning by doing so.

Well, you are also read a very famous book titled “The Secret of Selling Your Photos Online: The ultimate step by step beginners guide to creating a passive
income from your pictures.” It covers the factors to make a picture sellable, offers and guidance on finding the best market for it.


Pexels uses a different method to generate income from your photos. It has a system where it invites downloader to “say thanks” to the photographer by making a donation via PayPal.’

Make Money With Pexels

It also hosts challenges for the creators to encourage them to add it to their library by uploading images on specified subjects given in the challenge . All photos uploaded have to be approved for publication, but this quality control keeps it as one of the most popular website of this type. It receives more than 11 million visitors per month.


Before appearing online on the website , your photos go through a quality approval process. They want high quality images that are not actually not interesting and unique, but are also technically perfect. And hence, these websites have huge library of exceptional images.


Nowadays, most of the users have a smartphone to access the internet and therefore, the screen size is smaller usually as compared to a computer or laptop and hence it sometimes difficult to read.

Hence, we can use images to divide articles in shorter sections and it also
make it interesting for readers to read the article. There are commercial websites as well as free websites which provide photos free of cost.

Free websites require explicit content of the original photographer for their pictures to be released in public domain. One of the most famous website is “Wikimedia”.


By the term ‘passive income’ we mean the money that continue coming to us even though we stop working for it. For example, when an author writes a book and continues to receive royalties from its sales years afterwards.

Make Money With Pexels

In regular job you get paid for the no of hours worked or service provided to a company, organization or a person. This is known as ‘active income’. In this if you stop working , your income stops too. As mentioned above, passive income is something where you continue to receive money even without working.

However, the internet is competitive place and unless you keep your photos updated ,they will slip down the search results. As we know Google appears to favour new content and quality fresh contents.

You can improve your chances of appearing on the first page by doing the following:

 Keep updating your pics
 Reply to comment on existing photos
 Use relevant tag words


Creative Commons License enables a person or say photographer to share their work freely without relinquishing ownership. It helps them in granting permission to use image nothing providing you credit them and mention the CC License.

After the copyright has been expired, the images are released as public domain. It usually happens 70 -80 years after creator’s death but also varies around different parts of the world. If you are not sure, please don’t use it to avoid further consequences.


If you need images, you can also go for royalty free images as an option rather than just copying and being billed for penalty money. The artist/owner has a right to payment of damages if you reproduce their work without permission according to copyright act.


Well, your potential of earning depends on how much effort you put in your photos. Some of the contributors upload millions of images literally in order to earn a pretty decent amount of money.

However , we all know “QUALITY IS BETTER THAN QUANTITY”. So better focus on that when working. This article is according to best accurate research found on internet and all the facts are 100% legit.