How to receive payments from Paypal without business account?

Receive payments from Paypal without business account in 2023

You can receive a payment from a friend which does not incur fees up to certain amount or a regular payment with Paypal fees (sender pays nominal fee as of this writing) or you can send a customer an invoice so there is a detailed record of the transaction through your personal account

A friend payment will not have any info except the email address so if you are audited you won’t be able to show this as business transaction (if you have a business).

Reporting and other features of a business account are missing in a personal account. If you don’t need these, use your personal account. As other commenter stated, your email address must be confirmed by Paypal, a simple process.

receive payments from Paypal without business account

You can receive money on your personal account. If you receive non personal/commercial transaction then it may place under hold for 21 days.

Upgrade it to premier or business account to receive commercial payments. If you receive non commercial payment it can be withdraw immediately.

If you have many transactions due to a business, they may ask you to open a business account. You can be a sole proprietor and open one.

It is possible to receive personal payments to a Personal or Premier PayPal account. If you are planning on receiving payments for a business you are running, you may need to upgrade your account type, as a Personal account is not suitable for receiving large amounts of payments.