How to send money online by Western Union?

Steps to send money online by western union

1. Sign up or log in to your profile

Sign up or log in on or our app. It‘s free and all you need is an email adress.

2. Choose the amount you wish to send

Put in the amount you wish to send. We’ll show you the transfer fee1 for your chosen sum.

3. Choose the payment and payout method

Transfer money with your bank account, Klarna, credit or debit card directly to your recipient’s bank account.

Western Union

4. Enter your receiver’s information

Fill in your recipient’s personal information and the details their bank account.

5. Verify your identity

If you are sending more than 1000 EUR, we will ask for a photo of your ID card to verify your identity.

6. Final completion

We’ll take care of the rest. You can track your money transfer and check its status with the Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN).

How long does western union take to send money online

Here are a few ways you can send money online using Western Union:

  • Money in minutes

If your money is needed within minutes, you can send online using your credit or debit card. Receivers can pick up cash at Western Union locations worldwide, depending on the hours of operation at that location.

If your receiver lives in a country where we offer mobile money transfer, you can send money to their mobile phone in a matter of minutes. Make sure your receiver has activated a mobile wallet with one of WU partner mobile operators in their country.

  • Money available in 1 or 2 days

If you send money to a bank account, your money is generally available within 1 or 2 days, depending on your receiver’s country.

Fast money transfers using WU

Send money, track transfers, check exchange rates and find sales locations with the fast and reliable Western Union  money transfer app.send money,Check exchange rates,Track ,transfer, Find location using the app

send money

Send money the way you like it – for cash pickup, to a bank account or to a mobile wallet **. Save your recipient’s details and make repeat transfers worldwide.

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how to track a western union money order online

Please click here to track the money order if you have MTCN no.

If you further want to understand and learn about more online money transactional solutions,please click on the link given below.

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