UBA bank online money transfer in 2024

How do I transfer money online with Uba bank?

Steps for How To Transfer With UBA Mobile Money Transfer Code

  • Simply dial *919# on your mobile phone. If you want to send money to a UBA Account, just dial *919*3# and follow the on-screen command.
  • If you want to send money to other Nigerian banks, just dial *919*4# and follow the on-screen command.
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How do I transfer money from my UBA account?

To Send Money To A UBA Account : Dial 9193account numberamount# i.e.: 9191234512345*1000#. Follow the steps below if you want to send money to other bank holders in Nigeria. Example if you want to send money to first bank, UBA, GTbank users.

How do I transfer money from my UBA account to my phone?

Dial *919Account NumberAmount# (for example, *919# , press the number 2 on the mobile phone number you used to open your UBA account. You will select the bank type and enter your pin for the transfer to be authenticated.

How to make a cardless withdrawal at UBA ATM

  • Enter any key at ATM.
  • Select Cardless Withdrawal feature.
  • Put the 0-14 digit withdrawal passcode.
  • Enter your one-time PIN for verification.
  • Put amount to withdraw.
  • Collect your cash.

Transfer cash easily to countries outside your region.

International money transfer is a fast and secure electronic payment service that allows money transfer across African countries and beyond.


Africash services are available in cash collection and account transfers. With the account transfer, your beneficiary needs not worry about visiting any business location for payment; funds are instantly credited to the beneficiary’s account from the send point- what a convenience! Also, you need not worry about Forex- Africash is available in USD and LCY, where regulations allow USD transfer. Just indicate your beneficiary’s preferred currency and we deliver.


  • Convenient: Monies can be sent/received from a wide network of UBA business offices and agent locations.
  • Speed: Transfers (sent and received) are consummated instantly.
  • Non-restrictive: It is open to both account and non-account holders* where regulations allow. Going market exchange rate is applied in every transfer.
  • Cancellation/Refund: Customers can request for cancellation and refund of unpaid transfers.

Steps To Send Money by uba

  • Visit any UBA office or sub-agent location and complete the Africash ‘Send Form’.
  • Submit a valid form of Identification and completed form to the teller for processing.
  • On account transfer, the beneficiary’s account is credited instantly.
  • For cash collection service, collect the Transaction Receipt and Collection PIN Card.
  • Communicate the PIN code and transfer details to the beneficiary.

Steps To Receive Money by uba bank

  • Visit any UBA office in the destination country with a valid means of identification.
  • Complete Africash ‘Receive Form’.

Conditions for fund transfer in UBA bank

Means of identification: The following are acceptable means of identification in line with the UBA policy and regulatory guidelines:

  • National Identity Card.
  • Driver’s License.
  • International Passport
  • Voter’s ID Cards.
  • Current/Savings Accounts with UBA.
  • Associations’, Organizations’, Student IDs.
  • Other forms of IDs in line with UBA permissible ID advice.
  • Transfer Limit: Africash transfer limits vary from one country to another. However, a $50,000 weekly transfer limit applies based on countries’ regulations.

What is the transfer limit for Uba?

UBA has advised that the daily limit approved by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN)for online funds transfer (with Secure Pass) for account maintained by individual/companies is N1,000,000.00/10,000,000.00 respectively.

How can I register for UBA Magic banking?

*919# Account Opening

Simply dial *919# and follow the easy steps. Your account number will be sent to your mobile line. It is that easy! To enjoy the full benefits of your new account, visit any UBA business office with your identification so that your BVN can be linked to the account.

How can I use UBA mobile banking?

Simply dial *919# and follow the prompt. Please note that the same PIN used for your UBA Mobile Banking will be used for UBA Magic Banking.

You will have the following options to sign up using:
UBA Debit Card.
UBA Prepaid Card.
UBA Account + Secure Pass. …
Continue Branch SignUp.

How can I get transfer pin from Uba?

To make a transfer on your mobile phone, you need to generate your PIN first. You can do this by simply dialling*919# and following the on-screen prompt, which will request you to enter your 4-digit pin and your pin will be successfully generated. Once that is done, you can start enjoying the UBA mobile USSD banking.

What is the USSD code for Uba?


The USSD code *919# enables customers to do a multitude of tasks such as: open UBA accounts, transfer funds to UBA and other banks

How can I register for UBA mobile banking without ATM?

Dial *919#, press the number 7 for Pay Bills, then press the number 1, then You can sign up with Account With Pin and then follow other instructions on the mobile phone number you used to open the account or receive alert, then you can enter your preferred PIN and begin to carry any transaction available.

How do I get my user ID for UBA mobile banking?

On Internet Banking Home Page, https://ibank.ubagroup.com , please click on forgot your USER ID. Enter your account number, click submit and the USER ID will be sent to your registered e-mail address.