5 Best Ways to Make Money Online Reddit


Have you heard about the name Reddit? If you haven’t, don’t worry; let me introduce it for you. Reddit is an authentic human connection which not only focuses on one major field but also builds a community for sports, TV fan theories, and many other things to count.

You can know more about this platform here https://www.redditinc.com/.  Daily active unique ranges between 50 million and 100k active communities are present in it. You must read its guidelines thoroughly and then take the forward step.

As there are many ways to make money from online reddit and you might be confused as to which way you should choose for it. So, let me introduce you some of the best five ways to make money online reddit.

1. /r/Gift Card Exchange

In this website, consumers can buy and sell gift cards and trade your cards for cash. If you are someone who have many gift cards but are unable to use it or you do not want to use it, you can sell them and earn money easily.

What can be easier than this? You just need to collect gift cards and understand which type of gift cards the users are looking for.

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It is the simplest method to convert gift cards into cash. Let me tell you one more exciting thing. Now, you can get free cards even after not completing the offers.

If you love shopping and you buy more things from a specific retailer, and save those cards for exchanging it with users and earning money from it. No specific knowledge is required for it.

2. Liking comments online

In this method, you just need to like comments and you can earn money but you need to have patience. Sign up to reddit and you must take care of the fact that your account is at least 30 days old before you take the further steps.

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Then, you need to login into pickworkers, and click on any of the dozens of Reddit upvote tasks. Login yourself into Pickworkers, and click any of the dozens of reddit upvote tasks. 

Now, go the link that the employer wants you to upvote or like. Click like or upvote that respective comment. Follow the instructions and provide proof to your client that you completed the task.

This could be submitting the username of the poster or copying and pastying your profile link. Click submit proof and wait until your approval has come. Repeat the same task until you earn $5 and can withdraw to PayPal, Litecoin or Strill.

3. Qmee

This is one of the smallest reddit among all of them.Around 3,000 members are found to build this community and they make money with an app named Qmee. If you want to have a brief look on this topic, you can have a look at https://logicaldollar.com/qmee-review/.

Here, you can do many things like completing surveys. You can be sure of getting paid as there is no minimum amount to be paid. You will have many options to earn money as you will be offered lots of surveys.

It saves your time but it has a drawback that it does not pay you huge amount of cash as compared to other apps. This app seems to have some bugs and the time allotted by them to complete the respective tasks is not always correct and may take more or less time in completing it.

You can make money from Google, Yahoo and many other searches. It also pays you money for clicking on links but do it on your own risk. Besides this, you can earn money for your opinion and while shopping.  You can search a little more on this subreddit and  earn money respectively.

4. /r/ Freelance

If you are into freelancing and want to earn money through this field, you can earn money by this subreddit. This community allows you to watch or share your experience, stories and advice for freelancing.

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If you are good in graphic designing, accounting, content writing, etc., you can choose the appropriate field for yourself. But you must be careful and follow the rules and regulations respectively.

You must be careful of being flagged. You cannot promote or solicit work here. This subreddit platform gives you opportunities to find some interesting ways to make money online.

The opportunities might change regularly but you must find the right skillset that suits you. Freelancing is a kind of self-employment where freelancers tend to work freely by delivering their services on a contract basis.  You can know more about this on https://www.redditinc.com/.

5. Startups

Are you interested in entrepreneurship or business related statistics and things related to it? If yes, then you have this opportunity to earn money online from reddit. This subreddit has around 700,000 members who share information and help anyone who is going to start a startup or is stuck in between a startup.

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This subreddit provides solutions to internship problems. Here, you can also receive feedback on your ideas from an experienced community. This way, you can polish your ideas and thus, work on it more conveniently. Basically, in this subreddit, you can find topics related to investment, business plan, etc.

The crucial part in this subreddit is that you need to thoroughly understand the rules governing this subreddit. If you fail to do so, you can be flagged or banned. So, it is very essential for you to understand the rules and regulations before stepping or jumping into nay subreddit.

6. /r/ Beer Money

This is one of the most used and famous subreddits  over the platform. It has the potential to gain popularity worldwide as it offers many opportunities for business related fields.

As I mentioned that are multiple ways to make money by using beer money scheme, so, let me introduce you to some of the most famous opportunities provided by Beer Money.

 Some of the opportunities are writing reviews on products, completing short or long tasks and the easiest thing i.e. to participate in online surveys. This is one of the best forums which advices you and gives you the best known tips.

There are thousands of people who perform tasks and earn money through it. If thousands of person can do it, then, why not you? Have patience, do a little research about this subreddit and you will find the right outcome out of it.

Best Ways To Make Money Online Reddit Summary

Here, We have listed down some of the best 5 ways to earn money online on reddit. You can pick the best subreddit that suits you and the one where your expertise fits in it. Go through the rules and regulations wisely on the website that is essential for any user to earn money through it.