How to make money in college?

Make money in college In USA in 2024:

During the college time, we are full of energy and excitement. This is the time we are so eager to explore ourselves and become financially independent at least for our personal expenses like going out with friends for exploring the city or vocational weekends with friends, buying stuffs for ourselves, etc.

To fulfill all these wishes or dreams the most basic and important thing we need is “money”.  To earn money we require skills, that’s the first thing you need to learn according to your interest and once you have gained skills earning money will be an easy task. There are a few good websites you can refer to learn new skills with genuine certification ( learnvern, skill india,etc). Earning money during college time doesn’t only fulfill your financial needs but also teaches you some important lessons like:-

1. How to manage your money efficiently,

2.  Work experience,

3.  Personality development,

4.  Time management, etc.

Different ways of making money in college is listed below.

Join an Internship

Joining an internship is the most beneficial way to earn money. 


It should be at the top of your priority list. It will enrich you with new experiences and skills as well as it will make your CV look attractive when you will go to seek jobs. You can register yourself on websites like Internshala, LinkedIn, etc to find paid internships of your interest.

Become a tutor

This is quite common and popular way to earn money to earn money.


As you are a student, there has to be a subject you are quite good at. You can give tuition of that subject to the children near your locality or through the online mode. You can sign up on and other similar websites to apply for teaching as a tutor.


Becoming a freelancer can prove to be a really amazing way to earn money while you are in college.


It has benefits of high level of time flexibility, amount of work flexibility and amount of money you want to charge for doing the work.  Some of the websites you can look for are Upwork, Fiverr, etc.

Selling your art

If you are good at art and craft, singing, dancing, mimicking or any other kind of art that can be price tagged then you can earn a decent amount of money as being in college will help you getting audience or customer quite easily.

sell ur art.jpg

As well as you can also sell your art online on different websites and social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Become a Social media Influencer

Nowadays, it is one of the most popular ways to make money as a teenager or college student.

social media influencer.jpeg

If you are kind of popular or friendly in your college and have a decent amount of followers on your blog or social media platforms, you can reach to some new brands that will pay you for promoting their products and increase their sales by making it popular among students.

Transcribing Scripts

Transcribing means converting an audio or video file into a text format.


There is nothing like any particular website for becoming a transcriber.  You can simply find jobs related to this on any freelancing websites or websites like Go Transcript, Rev, etc.


Apart from the above mentioned jobs you can also become a translator, if you have a good command of language.


With the globalization , big companies and brands are trying to establish themselves in regional markets due to which some documents are needed to be translated from English to Bengali, Marathi, Telugu, Tamil, etc. and you can have a passive income by translating the documents.

Provide Solutions

Apart from becoming a tutor, you can also make a decent amount of money by solving and providing solutions of different academic questions of mathematics, physics, or any other subjects.


Some education platform like doubtnut, chegg, toppr, etc. get you paid for providing step by step solutions to those questions.

Content Creator

You can earn by making contents about different things, for example apart from tutoring and providing solutions you can also make videos on the subjects you like and make them available online.

content creator.png

Websites like Unacademy, Udemy, Toppr , etc . can pay you a decent amount of money for such contents.

 Become a Play tester

Almost everyone of us play some kind of games online either on our android, pc or Ios.


And what  if I say that some of the websites can pay you good amount of money for playing games. By becoming a play tester you can test different kind of games, review it and earn money. Websites like Playtestcloud offer 10$ per hour.

 Become a UI Tester

In addition to above option you can also become UI Tester and companies will pay you for using their websites and review this.

ui tester.jpg

Websites like TryMyUI can offer up to 8-10$ per hour for such work. 

 Sell your notes

As a college student, you are well aware not everyone makes notes either due to less interest in studies or being busy someplace other.

sell notes.jpg

You can make money by selling your notes to such students or juniors and earn money. You can also make it available online by creating e-book of your notes and sell it on amazon or flipkart at decent price.

Photos & Video editing


If you are good at editing photos and videos and using Photoshop, you can earn money by doing so because some freelancing websites, YouTube channels, etc pay you money for such works.

You can refer to Internshala for finding such jobs. At last, we would like to end this article with the quote “MAKE MONEY WHILE STUDYING BUT DON’T LET MONEY MAKE YOU…..”