How To Make Money From Being Homeless?

21 Easy ways to Make Money From Being Homeless:

Yes, you can really make money even if you are homeless. This article reveals as many as 25 best ways and tips to help you make money homeless.

how to make money being homeless

A person may be homeless for a variety of reasons.Mental illness, addiction, and other factors may all play a role.A person may also be homeless if they fell on hard times due to a job loss, illness, or other circumstances.

and lost their way to earning a living, leaving them without the money they needed for rent.

A person’s decision to become homeless is yet another reason why they might be homeless.

People sometimes want to make a statement and live a free life, so they choose to live outside or even in a shelter so they don’t have to deal with the pressures of life.

Stereotypes about what a homeless person is and why they are homeless must be avoided.

Leaving all of that aside, let’s look at ways that a homeless person, for whatever reason, can earn money and break the cycle of homelessness if they choose to do so.

20 Best Ways To Make Money Being Homeless/:

1. Recycling

Poor Children Collect Garbage For Sale Because Of Poverty

It is a great way to help the environment and make money at the same time.

It is always best to try to talk to people in the stores if you are looking for recyclable items on private property, like a strip mall or grocery store, to let them know what you are doing and make sure they don’t mind you cleaning up the area by collecting recyclable items.


You always have the option of taking the large bags of aluminum cans and bottles to the recycling center once the items have been collected. There, you can exchange the items for cash based on the current price of recycled glass and aluminum.

2. Sweep

Sweeping streets a thankless job: Mumbai sweeper
Photo Credit: Hindustan Times

You could always sweep the front sidewalk of the location of a local business and offer your services.

3. Wash Windows

As long as there are windows made of glass, they will need to be cleaned.

Window Cleaning

You could offer to clean the windows of business owners’ storefronts or of vehicles that have stopped at traffic lights to wash their windows.

The only precaution in this strategy would be that it might be illegal to be in traffic and pose a risk to one’s safety.

4. YouTube

Make money from youtube

It is probably on your phone.

With payments, you might be able to keep your data and cellular provider updated.

Additionally, individuals in need can obtain cell phones and use them through government programs.


Having said that, you always have the option of making a video for YouTube, expressing your ideas and doings, and obtaining financial support from followers.

You might be able to get a financial boost from followers who are impressed with your inventiveness in setting up a YouTube platform, making use of affiliate advertising, or even getting a sponsor from a business that cares about charitable causes.

5. Shelter for the Homeless

A lot of not-for-profit organizations offer services to people who don’t have a place to live.

Although these shelters aren’t 5-star hotels, they offer shelter from the elements, a place to shower, eat, and sleep in a warm bed.

Because the housing that is provided is only temporary and your situation is also temporary, it is in your best interest to take advantage of what is available.

6. Outlets

Electrical Outlets In Your Home: Everything You Need to Know

Finding power to keep your phone charged is one of the difficulties of not having a home.

You may be able to use the outlets in public buildings like libraries to get around this obstacle.


Additionally, a lot of non-profits set up charging stations.

Additionally, if a place of business offers this service to its customers, paying for a cup of coffee there will allow you to charge your phone.

Additionally, the city has electrical outlets all over it.

Unless instructed otherwise, make use of these sources of power.

7. Benefit Schemes

Local governments offer a wide range of programs to help those in need.

If you want to know what benefits you might be eligible for, you could talk to a social worker who works for a nonprofit or for the state.

These potential advantages include:

  • Food stamps
  • Government managed retirement Protection (SSI)
  • Potentially VA Advantages
  • Conceivable joblessness

8. UberEats

Why Uber Eats Selling its Business to Zomato was Inevitable

On a YouTube video that a homeless person made about making money while homeless.

He was able to apply for a job with UberEats as a food delivery driver in his downtown area because he had a bike.

By applying, submitting the necessary paperwork, and, once accepted, making deliveries with your bike and cell phone, you can also earn money if you have this ability to travel.

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9. PostMates

Postmates is another food delivery service where you can use your bike to deliver food if you have the right credentials.

10. Provide Assistance

If, while you are out and about in the community, you notice areas that need some TLC (painting, minor repairs, etc.) You can approach the proprietors of those establishments and request payment in exchange for painting or other odd jobs.

11. Blogging

It would be a lot of fun for you to write about your life while you are temporarily without a home.

Through companies like Blue Host, you could get a sponsor for your blog and start writing about what it’s like to not have a home.

Your perspective would not only be direct from your own experience, but it could also be particularly instructive for people who may not have ever considered the reality of living without a home.

Sponsors, affiliate advertising, or the support of your followers could generate income for you.

12. Carwash

Full service car wash, Car  washer, Car wash

There are a lot of car washes in the area that not only wash cars and trucks with an automated system but also give individual attention to the vehicles by hand drying them.

If there is such a car wash in your area, you can approach the owner and offer to help hand dry the vehicles as a member of the staff.

13. Restaurant

Waiter Images

There appear to be a lot of odd jobs in the restaurant industry.

This is especially true in the post-covid period, when the restaurant industry is having trouble recruiting new employees.

You can inquire with various restaurant owners to determine whether any work is required, or you can look for help-wanted notices posted in these establishments’ windows.

14. Farmworker

Farmer Job Description

If you like the chance to work hard and outside, you might want to work on the farm to earn money.

It’s possible that the area with which you are associated is one with agriculture, and ranchers or farmers are looking for people to help with the work.


If you are homeless, you might be able to live in one of the buildings and take care of the farm’s needs by planting, weeding, watering, collecting eggs, milking the cows, and other tasks.

15. Door dash

You can begin delivering food to people who have placed orders through DoorDash by providing the necessary documentation and passing a background check. You also make the delivery.

You will also receive any tips you earn from DoorDash.

16. Construction

You can frequently position yourself in the vicinity of a home improvement store or construction site, make a sign indicating your willingness to work, and leave construction workers or people working on projects to decide whether or not to use your service.

Construction worker welfare deserves special attention | Mint

17. Trucks

During the day, numerous trucks deliver to retail locations.

Helping the staff and the truck driver unload the truck in exchange for payment is one way to make money.


18. Dock Work

If you’re willing to put in the effort, helping out at various loading docks around the neighborhood is another way to earn money.

Dock Worker: What Is It? and How to Become One? | Ziprecruiter

This may require some manual labor, but it will provide an opportunity to help others and earn money by doing so.

19. Residential treatment programs

These are offered by some not-for-profit centers.

You can enter or apply to be admitted into one of these residential facilities if you have a problem with any addictions.

The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center is one of these facilities. There, individuals work through their program in the evening and receive work therapy sessions during the day.

The individual is given stipends or canteen money, which they can use to buy things they like, like soda, candy, and so on.

20. Handyman

Working as a handyman doesn’t need a lot of money to start, and they use their own tools.

Why You Should Hire a Handyman Before and After a Move -

You could offer this range of services to a number of small mom-and-pop businesses or even connect with community business leaders who may serve on a number of not-for-profit boards and are always looking for ways to assist the homeless and in need of a break.

A homeless person would be able to paint, do odd jobs, do small home repairs, and so on.

21. Seasonal Jobs

During festive seasons like Christmas, a lot of local businesses and non-profits hire more workers.

You could, for instance, lend a hand with The Salvation Army by ringing the bell at one of their locations for Christmas kettles.

Because it helps the non-profit and gives the homeless person a job, this is frequently seen as good for everyone.

Due to the community’s support for both the homeless people working for the organization and these fundraising events