How do App Developers Make Money?

Best ways app Developers make money in 2023:

How do app makers make money? The Question is indirectly asked for how apps make money for them or what is the process of making money after app development ?

App developers concern is genuine as the development of a top-notch app demands a lot of time, patience,So before app developer jumps into app development, he must have a clear idea as to how to monetize mobile app.

free apps have always outnumbered the paid apps(both in terms of profit and number of downloads), there is always a common question asked as to how do free mobile apps make money?

So here we are providing the most effective revenue models for your free mobile application.

Advertising of the mobile app developed:

Easiest to implement and managed by third-party networks like Google,mediavine,ezoice,adpushups and many more , setting up advertising on your app is a simple task these days. The app owner just has to display the advertisements in the app space and earn from the third party ad networks.

These are the types of commercials used by app owners on their application.


high impression rates and revenue, these type of ads are typically displayed at natural transition points in the app architecture or design. Much like ad pop-ups they generally cover up the entire space of the app screen and offer decent interaction with the users on your app.


banner ads are actually a good way to start for the newcomers in the app development industry. These image ads appear on the top or bottom of the app screen and are less obstructive for app users to use the app smoothly.

In-app video ad:

Video advertising is expaning like never before. In-app video ads are placed in the app and can be used as an exchange for some in-app reward.
like by simply watching a video ad, the user earns virtual app currency that could be further used for unlocking a game level or additional features.

Native ads:

They mix seamlessly into the app form,design and content. These days Native Ad has proven to work because most of the users these days opt for ad blockers and these ads actually help for communicating commercial messages in an easy way.

In-App purchases in the mobile app:

The most popular strategy to get the best out of your free app is In-App purchases. Used by apps in the Google Play Store and App Store it allows the end user to make purchases right inside the application.

The In-App purchases, can be divided into the following types:


consumables are the products that a user can only opt for once. The best example would be gems, extra points or virtual coins inside a game .


This is basically how the free apps make money without advertisements. you might have seen many apps that offer a paid or a pro version that generally comes without ads. Non- consumable products are permanent in most cases.


: Mobile developers sometimes offer paid subscriptions that tend to unlock premium featuresin their app for a shorter duration of time or on a permanent basis.

The other alternate way to make money via apps developed by the developer are as below

Selling Merchandise:

selling merchandise in your app can be smart and innovative way of revenue generation . For instance, Amazon introduced Amazon Merch which allowed publishers to create their artwork and upload it to Amazon. Also, Amazon took care of production, shipping, and timely payments. A lot of e-commerce setups are vouching for the same.


sponsorships are lucrative strategy to make most of your app. mobile and smartphones have openwd the doors to many new sponsors because it allows large sponsorships types and pricing options.

Developers can create a great app that gains a large amount of attention and then reach out to a potential sponsor who would askto design the app to match the sponsor’s brand. App Developer could either split the revenue with the sponsor brand or opt for a monthly subscription fee.

Referral Marketing:

It helps you attract customers that are loyal and profitable. App publishers can promote or sell affiliate products/services based on clicks or installs. These are the referral marketing models to monetize your mobile app.

CPI (Cost per Install):

app maker get paid for each advertised app install within your free app. There are a number of mobile advertising platforms that aims to drive more users, generate more money and offer a rich personalized experience on your platform.

CPV (Cost per View):
This revenue generation model for app maker is based on the number of ad interactions or video views. For instance, videos, as well as interstitials, are used to create natural breaks in the gaming sessions.

CPC (Cost per Click):

This model is based on a number of clicks on the ad displayed. It includes both text and display advertisements. You can look out for a number of ad networks like Commission Junction and Google’s own AdMob.

With so many monetization options, a app maker might actually be overwhelmed by the number of options available and which strategy to chose for your app. trying out few options out of the above strateiges and analyzing your competitors can be a starting point.

Mobile app development needs to have few things in mind like your target clientele and mobile app structure. Also for a good user experience and overall subtleness of the app don’t irritate the end user with ads to the extent of leaving your app