How to Buy perfect money e voucher online ?

Over 100 years ago a financial instrument, a bank check, has made possible cash free payments between bank customers and the general public was quite happy !

Buy perfect money e voucher

Now it’s your turn to be impressed by the opportunities provided by the financial product called e-Voucher.

E-voucher helps to Transfer money to any receiver around the world (the recipient will receive e-voucher number and activation code by SMS, even if he/she has no PM account).

What is the advantage of eVoucher

Pay online for goods and services securely and confidentially. Easily exchange e-voucher to any other e-currency or cash through online exchange service.

Secure and confidential
Sender account undisclosed
Pay to mobile phone
Exchange to real money

let’s understand what is Perfect Money all about

What is Perfect Money?

Perfect Money is a leading financial service which allows all its users to make easy quick payments and for securely enabling hassle-free money transfers via the internet. It has opened up great opportunities for all the users of the internet and rich owners of online businesses too.

Perfect money is aiming at a niche to bring online transactions to an optimum level. With the best use of this payment system, the users can perform the following activities:

  • make money transfers between its members;

About Perfect Money Voucher

Perfect Money Voucher allows a person to make a transaction in quick around of time and at low costs.

there are different ways of using this service. Out of all, one of the main methods is by using a Perfect Money e-voucher. Well, over the years, the use of different financial tools as bank cheque has allowed people to make easy payments and transactions without carrying cash with them.

The Perfect Money voucher is the tool with objective of simplifying transactions easily. It is a type of electronic cheque which is used for depositing or withdrawing funds in the account of Perfect Money.

This e-voucher includes unique and digital 16 digit code, an activation code of 10 digits, a creation date and a credit amount. It is a kind of an electronic bank check which is created as an instrument for making withdrawals and deposits. The Perfect Money voucher can be used without any hassle in more than 100 countries all around the world.

How can a Perfect Money voucher be created ?

For creating a Perfect Money voucher, make the following steps:

  • Log into the payment system of Perfect Money.
  • Enter the “Withdraw” section in your account of the system. A labeled “E-voucher” appears.
  • On “e-voucher depository” page, select on “purchase new e-voucher”.

How to Buy perfect money e-voucher online

  • Select a payment method. This option arises only if you have opened more than 1 account in the transaction currency.
  • Select an amount.
  • Click on “Review purchase”.
  • When you have gained information on the operation, select “Purchase Perfect Money voucher”.
  • When the voucher creation is finished, you will get a text message that includes one activation code. Keep this code in a safe place which cannot be accessed by any 3rd party, in case you don’t want to use it instantly.

Is it possible to use Perfect Money voucher worldwide? Yes, more than 200 certified exchangers of Perfect Money are available all around the world. On the XMLGold (E-currency exchanger with the highest Perfect Money Trust score), you can exchange your Perfect Money Voucher for any of the cryptocurrency or e-currency as Payeer EUR/USD, AdvCash EUR/USD, Litecoin, Tether, Perfect Money USD/EUR, XML Token, Bitcoin, SEPA transfer, USD coin, True USD coin.

  • Digital code- 16 digits unique code.
  • Activation code- 10 digits of unique code.
  • Credit amount – For example, 1 000 USD.
  • Creation date: For example, 17: 56 30.08.2019.

What is the aim of the Perfect Money Voucher?

The Perfect Money voucher is best aimed at assisting all its users to transfer money to any person all around the world. This helps its users to pay online for services and goods securely and confidentially. One can easily exchange the e-voucher with any other e-currency or even cash.

Where can Perfect Money Voucher be used?

Perfect Money voucher can be used for the following purposes:

  • You can use it for transferring money to anyone across the globe. The recipient can get the activation code of voucher through SMS, even if she/he doesn’t have an account of perfect money.
  • It allows making online payments for products and services in the most secure way.
  • It can be used for converting to any cash or digital currency on the online exchanges.

Moreover, if in case you have ordered few services and traveling to a place where you don’t have the access to the account of Perfect Money, at such a circumstance, you can pay for your services using your Perfect Money voucher. On the other hand, if you are willing to buy something from anyone that doesn’t have an account of Perfect Money, in such case you can offer them a Perfect Money voucher in return.

How to use Perfect Money Voucher code?

For using the Perfect Money voucher code, you need to activate it first. The activation can be best performed only by the owner of the Perfect Money voucher. For activating the e-voucher, you need to carry out some activities which include the following:

  • Log in your system and select e-voucher of Perfect Money in the section “deposit”. One window with few entries get displayed as,
  • Voucher number of the perfect money;
  • Activation code of Perfect Money voucher;
  • Enter the number of your Perfect Money voucher and click on “Activate e-voucher”.

What is Perfect Money supported denominations or currencies?

Each account of the user is a multicurrency one. It is moreover divided into different currency accounts which includes:

  • Perfect Money voucher USD (Perfect Money units, equivalent to the United States Dollar).
  • Perfect Money voucher EUR (Perfect Money units, the equivalent of Euro).
  • Gold (Perfect Money units, the equivalent of precious metal which is expressed in a troy ounce.

Is there any expiry term for Perfect Money Voucher?

The best part is that Perfect Money vouchers never expire. It means that one uses the sum stated in a voucher at any point of time and on any day. Just make sure that you keep the activation code of this Perfect Money voucher in the most secure place.

The most important thing is, make sure you don’t lose your Perfect Money voucher as anyone can use it if they get its details.

Where can I check if the Perfect Money code is valid?

If you are doubtful over the validity of your Perfect Money code voucher, make sure you check it once before you use it. But how can you check its validity? You just need to enter the unique 16 digit code and activation code correctly.

Even after you have entered all the details correctly, then also it is displaying it as invalid, get in touch with the customer care of Perfect Money for additional information.

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Summary of Perfect money Voucher online

The Perfect Money vouchers promise a top level of security without any delay. People who use services of online payment often feel irritated while making and receiving payments. They are not sure about its authentication and get stressed due to their late back features.

For keeping you away from all stress and to clear your doubt as is Perfect Money safe? It has come up for catering to all its users with a quick and secure financial payment system.

PM voucher acts like a credit card with many features. This voucher acts as a payment mode that can be made anytime, anywhere across the globe. They work more like a prepaid card that can be used for many smaller things such as recharging their account of a mobile phone.

The vouchers have a series of benefits over the usual transfers; they can be instantly processed while the traditional fund transfers can be bit delayed, rechecked and rejected sometimes.

  • receive payments for various business projects via internet;
  • make regular payments online;
  • save money funds more securely on the electronic account and can gain interests monthly;
  • can make quick payments for goods and services online.

How to create an e-voucher and how does it look like?

To create an e-voucher select an account to debit money from and desired value of your e-Voucher. You will need to pay a small fee to create an e-voucher. Valid E-Voucher consists of a number, activation code, amount and date of creation (see below).

How can i use my e-voucher?
Case 1:

A service you have ordered is due to be delivered soon. However, you are away traveling with no access to your Perfect Money account.


Log into your Perfect Money account, create an e-voucher and send it to the recipient.

Case 2:
You want to pay for a product or service to an individual that does not reveal his/her Perfect Money account number for whatever reason.


Ask a person for his/her phone number. Log into your Perfect Money account, make a payment to mobile phone and within a second the recipient will get an SMS to his/her device with your e-voucher details. Later that person will to register a Perfect Money account and activate e-voucher.

Case 3:

You are a traveler and you don’t like to carry cash with you?

There are more than 200 certified exchangers of Perfect Money working worldwide. Go to the Exchangers section and check for the exchange services available at your destination. Once you will find one, you can easily create an e-voucher and go on a trip. Having arrived at selected exchange’s office you will provide your voucher number and activation code.

You may also visit the exchanger website and make withdrawal online using your e-voucher. This is very convenient, huh? Perfect Money is widely used in more than 100 countries worldwide and provides services through 22 languages interface to be closer to its customers.

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