Paypal money adder online 2024: The True Guide

Is paypal money adder genuine?:

The Internet is filled with fake programs, scripts, tools and other sorts of scams. So, today lets reveal the truth behind the software or app called PayPal Money Adder. If you search in google search bar PayPal Money Adder or PayPal Money Generator (FREE PAYPAL MONEY) you will get many results.

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And if you are not very quiiet good at computers, programming or basics of technology, there is every chance that this software may look really genuine for you. And you can think it’s actually working software and people are using it. But that’s not true! To learn why it’s not a real and how to stay safe then keep reading this post.

Is PayPal money adder PayPal hack free download real ?

PayPal is a very popular online payment mechanism and its system is such that supports online money transfers and serves as an electronic alternative to a traditional paper method like cheques and money orders. Many online stores and shops use this famous payment gateway. That is why hackers found an idea to create a fake PayPal software which can add money to your account after activating the software or verifying that you are not a BOT by taking a survey. And this is how the PayPal Money Generator is found in google and other search engines.

You may have seen some videos on YouTube or screenshots how people are adding very big amounts to their PayPal Account with a PayPal Money Generator software. BUT IT’s ALL FAKE and let me explain why below.

It’s not very difficult to make a software like this. You just need to go trhough some YouTube tutorials and also you need some time. Those software’s are or were made by Visual Studio. Visual Studio is used to develop computer programs, as well as websites, web apps, web services, and mobile apps. You don’t need to be a professional or have any coding skills. You can find everything on YouTube. So what forces people to make these software’s and advertise it online?

It’s all due to money, people who are selling this software’s they are making a lot of money because people actually trust in this and they buy it. They see a FAKE YouTube video where people are actually showing you how they are generating and adding money. But it’s fake because they are just editing a video and you sometimes can’t even see that it’s fake. But anyway, why do you need to buy it or what is the reason for you to verify that you are not a BOT by making a survey?

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No, it wont work because once you disconnect the internet and you start the software you can see it shows you that it is now in hacking process and it is generating money. But how is this even possible without internet? And that is the real answer… It’s impossible!

Also, why do they sell these software’s when they can make a lot of money themselves? And here where the profit comes in. Hackers make fake websites and sell these than for more than 150-200 USD. They are now using the cryptocurrency like Bitcoin because payment is anonymous and it is totally safe for them to sell it. Also, there is no need to refund. The software like Money Adder doesn’t exist anywhere in the universe.. Because it is impossible to add money with software, and if in some case it’s possible then these things won’t be showed or represented for public use.

Precautions while looking for PayPal money adder

If you see on the internet software or website called “Money Adder”, “Money Generator”, “FREE MONEY” or anything similar to that then you should block that website and report it! IT IS A SCAM.. Don’t download any random software’s because there may be a virus and your pc will get infected with such malwares. . Also, don’t visit any unknown sites and don’t ever buy anything using Bitcoin!

It’s not safe to use Bitcoin or any other Cryptocurrency because you won’t be able to get any refunds and you won’t have any information about the seller. Software or App like this doesn’t exist! Be careful and think twice before doing such things. If you are not sure about something then ask us, send us a message with your question. We will answer you and we will approve or disapprove your actions. There is no easy way to make money online, be careful!