How To Make Money By Selling Candy At School?

5 Ways To Make Money By Selling Candy At School

Children love sweets and if they have to pick their favourite sweets, then, the majority of the students will acknowledge candies as their favourite sweets. Children love candies as they are colorful, bright and sweet. It’s a great source of energy and the little kids enjoy it by taking the flavor of it.

According to the Salt Research, it is said that children are hardwired from their birth to prefer sweets. The colorful candies are attractive and along with kids, the older ones also tend to enjoy it. So, if you are confused as to which way you should choose to make money by selling candies, then, this article is made for you. Have a look at it.


Setting up a candy stall at the campus of the school is one of the best ways through which you can earn money in school. If you love kids and candies and are willing to earn money as a side income, then, selling candies would be one of the best ways to make money. The children would be delighted to get candies after attending their classes at school and you could sell your candies to them.

You can also set up an attractive sweet shop with colorful candy and display. If you have a neat and clean shop and can display your candies in an attractive manner, students and children will easily get attracted to your shop.

Try to provide fresh candies to your customers and advertise your shop through templates and social media platforms. This is a great way to take advantage of the social media platform.

 The other way is that you can take a bag and fill different types of candies which are affordable, tasty, sweet and easy to chew. There are many people who sell candies and make money easily. Buy chocolate in bulks which will cost you little cheaper and then, you can sell it respectively. Make sure that you have good communication skills and can attract the school-going children towards you.

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Apart from candies, there are multiple things that you can sell at school. This is a great side income for college students, kindergarten teachers and for anyone who wants to earn money as a side income or for a person who loves to spend time with children.

Take permission from the school and set up your stall at the campus of the school. You can earn $100 dollars per day and have a good profit margin in selling candies.

Offer discounts and exciting offers to your customers on off-season. This way, your customers will still be interested in your shop. You can make your jelly innovative by making it in home-made style.

Engage your family to make jellies and chocolate bars. You can easily learn from multiple YouTube Channels the process of making jelly and chocolate bars. In addition, you can set-up a family business of jelly and chocolate bars with the help of your family members.

Homemade jelly, jam and chocolate bar business is definitely a profitable business where you can make your money.

Sell your homemade jelly and chocolate bars at school which is enjoyed by children of all ages. You can also make protein chocolate bars which can be enjoyed by adults and the health-conscious people. Understand the demand of your target audience and work accordingly. On the first day, don’t make chocolates and jelly in bulk as it will be the first day to know the demand of your customers.


Schools organize school fete and fairs inside their campus for their students where the students and teachers eagerly take part in it. As children love candies, you can sell your candies to the organizers of the fete or to those students who are willing to establish a candy stall.

Besides this, you can establish your candy and toy shop in school fete or fair. Come in contact with the school and make a contract where you have legal permission to sell your items in school.

You need to have authentic information about school fairs and fete. Then, you can deliver or sell your chocolates to the fair. This way, you can have a good source of income by selling candies at school fete.

If there is one thing that children like is toys and gadgets. Children love to play with toys and gadgets and they easily get attracted to it. Craft a suitable plan for selling your items. Take legal permission from the school to sell toys and candies in their premises.

If the students are not attracted to candies, then, with the help of toys, you can attract them. At first, along with the toys, you can give candies for free so that people are aware of your candies and are willing to buy from you. You can also create an online store for it.

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Students often visit canteen during their tiffin breaks and free period. If you sell candies at school, you can make handsome amount of money. Take legal permission from the authorities of the school and ask them permission for setting up a candy shop inside the campus of the school

Once you get a legal permission from the school, sign the legal contract and now you can officially sell candies at school. Make sure that you sell attractive candies that are colorful and sweet in taste. At first, you can sell some of your candies for free with other stuffs so that the students are well-aware of the taste of your candies. Children need to know about your candies and then, you can sell and make money.

Once your candy business has set up and is doing well, you can sell homemade snacks, jelly, etc. to the students. Try to make your chocolate and other items healthy and fresh as these items will be consumed by the children. You need to take care of the quality of your sweets so that it is consumed by mostly all students. Understand the demand of your customers and supply your items accordingly.


Besides selling your items on offline mode, you can also sell your items on Amazon. Make your own website and sell your products there. This way, your items can also reach to school and you can sell from there.

Advertise your items through social media platforms and come in contact with different schools. Sell your items through your website and make sure that you make the school believe in the taste and quality of your candies. Make some different and colorful candies for the students.

Design your niche and interact with your customers to know the demand of their taste and preferences. Try to offer fast delivery and sell to customers worldwide. Create your account and list and deliver the items accordingly. Get paid for your sales and choose wisely your target audience.

Provide a good packaging system to your customers which shall make them bound to purchase your candies. Add gift cards and some stationery items to make it look attractive. Offer exciting deals to your customers and you can also offer them customized items that they can sell to their customers.

Try to make sugar-free sweets and candies that will attract more customers towards you. This is one of the fastest ways to make money. Give offers to the school when they purchase any item from you.