What are online money making opportunities for women?

Women all around the globe are proving their mettle in every field they are entering and they are showing ot the world that they are no less than males in any area. They are going ahead  and chasing their dreams. Every female has unique talents and skills. In a country like India, equal opportunities are being offered to both the genders mostly in cities and organized sector.

Best Online Money making opportunities for women

Best Online Money making opportunities for women

Women are  hardworking mothers and can have a successful career as well. Women psychologically have more ability to endure higher levels of stress than men. The growth in the internet and devices in the last decade has led to many online earning opportunities.

The growing economy has also created new areas of work and women specific work. Starting a home business has become much easier and faster due to the generous contribution of high-speed internet facilities.

There are many jobs in offices and women are being offered work from home some of which are part-time, some full-time. Thesedays, every second person wants to avoid the stressful 9-5 jobs and start a small home business. So to make the earning money search  easier, Below is a top 10 list of offline and online jobs for women in India that can be started today.

Online Tutoring Jobs for Women

Online tutoring is a new trend for teach online and earn money. With the growth of internet, more and more parents are switching to an online mode of learning. These becomes more popular due to the the ongoing pandemic across the world and more so affecting Indians in a big way. Hence  the tutors who used to teach in the traditional pen and paper model need to slowly shift to a digital mode of teaching. Online jobs for women in the teaching section are offered by many websites and institutions.

Due to Covid 19  pandemic in India and World,schools and colleges have shifted to work from home till the situation gets normal again. Online tutoring has many advantages over offline modes which includes

  • It saves travel time for both students as well as teacher.
  • It saves energy.
  • Curriculum could be explained in a better way through digital animations and visuals.
  • A student can rewind and learn the same concept multiple times.

There are many websites and portals that offers online jobs for women? Many consultancies offer a part-time Subject Matter Expert opportunity to work from home. The primary role  is to solve doubts posted by the students on the portal.

Anyone with a good knowledge on a subject of choice can work part-time as a subject  expert. Payment is done on per question basis. So, earning potential is relatively high. Nevertheless, this is one of the best jobs for women in a work-from-home model.

Home business in Cooking

This new trend has attracted almost every home cooks in a street. You can simply prepare bakery items like cakes and pastries or start with homemade chocolates. You can start with  the spicy Mughal to cheesy Italian dishes, you can choose anything which you think you are good at preparing with taste and variety.

You can start selling in and around your locality ,register on different food delivery portals and you are good to start your home based business. Some home business based cooking options are

  • Home business in Bakery like preparing homemade delicious cakes and mouth-watering pastries.
  • Homemade cookies and chocolates.
  • Homemade Italian dishes like pizza, lasagna or Chinese cuisines like momo and chowmein.

This small home business can also be expanded  to work from home for women. For instance, the home business food item can be sold online in social media groups. Currently, many women are working in this manner and recruiting others to work.

Dietician or Food Nutritionist jobs for women

If you are from a science background and interested in human physiology, then being Dietician is a  great way to make easy money with your expertise. With growth of economy ,there is a large section where people are growing conscious of their foods,health and they are in constant search of reliable ,knowledge expert.

So, here you can easily fit in.  Dieticians are experts in human nutrition who plan and identify the nutritional and food requirements of the patient. A Dietician is  licensed by  authorities.

To become a dietician, you require to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Nutrition and Dietetics. Going forward, you can opt for jobs for women in government or private hospitals and clinics. Online jobs for women in the field of dietetics are available. For assistance, fitness centers also offer jobs for women and men as a fitness trainee. Moreover, you can be a health guide for your own family. What could be a better relief than this.


If you are good at making drawings with colours,pes,sketches,wall painitng ,, sparkles or if you are someone who is fond of patterns and arts, then there is a growing opportunity for such creative persons.This will become loving online home business for you.

You can draw and add colors to your creative  illustration and sell them online. Working with colors and art is not everyone’s cup of tea. Go on explore and create unique craft. Also, you can teach the art of painting to young painters.

Home business as a Tailor

What are traditional female jobs? Back in the 19th century, jobs for women included cooking, stitching, washing and the like. A tailor is a person who cuts and stitch a piece of cloth into a comfortable wearable form. However, stitching with a a modern trendy touch can add a great amount of money to your coffers.

There are immense opportunities for trendy affordable clothes. The boutique shops are talk of the town. No one expects you to be Ritu Beri in one day . It can be started as a small home business and eventually can grow into a huge clothing store. Wholesale clothing firms also hiring Tailors.

A typical tailor charge around ₹500-₹1000 for a simple daily wear. Indeed, it is also one of the satisfying jobs for females and males in India.

Fashion Designer

Who is a fashion designer? People who figure out a design and designs clothes into wearable forms. They work on a wide range of clothing material to judge which suits it the best. Fashion designing course is a glamorous and highly rewarding.. Fashion industry in itself keeps reviving and refreshing itself. So the demand for fashion stylists never goes down.

To become a fashion designer? The course is pretty easier. Luckily, there are plenty of jobs for women available as a designer. Hence, a bachelor’s degree in the field is requirement. Going forward, she can build her creativity and start earning as a small home business. In addition, she can also apply for personal stylist jobs for women. As a matter of fact it is a professional path to choose.

Jewelry making home business

Jewelry is an ornament worn by men and women. This is very much popular in India especially among women of all sections of the society.

They are made up of precious metals like gold and silver or other non-precious metals also. In ancient times, men used to wear more jewelry than women did.

But in recent decades, women tend to allure themselves with beautiful jewelry. It makes them feel more confident and graceful about themselves.

Jewelry for women has many variety ranging from tiny nose pins, earrings to long heavy necklaces. A bachelor’s degree is required to apply for jobs available for women in jewelry making. However, one can also start as a small home business without any degree. Nevertheless a basic knowledge and understanding of jewelry making is required.

Event planner

An event planner structures, coordinates and decorates place for a  gathering be it a birthday event or wedding ceremony. Event planner  take care of everything that lies under their responsibility during the particular event. This is a good option to start as a small home business with a small group of people.

In this day and age of social media, even a small get together needs to be planned and decorated according to its needs.So here comes the role of an event planner.

The annual income of an event planner could be ₹4,00,000 per annum.

Online Reselling

What is the most common job for a women? Reselling is amongst the most common and good income jobs for women in India.

A reseller is an individual who takes the product from a supplier and then sells it to the final consumer. Thesedays, online reselling is a trend as they do not need to stock products in their shop or storage house, instead they can supply it directly from a wholesaler to the concerned customer thereby making a profit margin for themselves.

Currently, online reselling is a great option due to availability of ecommerce portals like flipkart,amazon,snapedeal etc.. Anybody can become a reseller, this kind of part-time jobs for women does not require any skills except basic knowledge of social media and internet.

 A reseller needs to connect with local supplier and share the commodity description, details and pictures/videos through social media, exhibition and connections. You can imagine yourself to be a reseller for something as small as any toy,study board,purse or anything which you think is worth showing to the world online. It is assumed that the local person is not aware of the technology and process to take his product to the online world.

The online home based job does require some effort but has got advantages over wholesale mode of selling. The reseller does not need a warehouse to store commodities.

Data entry

What is the most common job for a women?

Data entry is growing popularity day by day amongst Indian women. Many companies offer jobs for women by posting vacancy articles.  A Data Entry role requires entering of data from various sources into the company computer database for processing and management.

A candidate who can efficiently process a large amount of information is suitable for the role. The data has to be kept confidential as it is a business need for data privacy. People having basic computer literacy and working knowledge of various computer programs such as Microsoft office are hired. Job responsibilities include

  • Prepare and categorise documents for data entry.
  • Entering data into database software and checking to ensure the accuracy of the data that has been captured.
  • Resolving discrepancies,errors in information.
  • Testing new database systems and software updates.

Salary for a typical data entry role is approximately ₹15,000 per month.

Final Thoughts

In the above discussion, we had a list of 10 jobs in a small brief. Hope this article helps you in igniting your option of looking at different possibilities to make money from home or do a online money making activity. The growth of the internet and mobile devices has resulted in a plethora of online jobs option.