Best hobbies to make money fast in 2024

10 best hobbies to make money fast

Looking for some fun new hobbies to add to your skill set but also looking to stay within a tight budget? Hobbies are important for relieving stress, but they shouldn’t cause you to stress about money. Here are five ways you can pick up new skills without putting a dent in your savings.

Discover a New Sport

Sports can give you more happiness and sense of accomplishment.You generally feel enthusiastic. So, why not spend some time and energy to lean new sport ? Whether you prefer to play alone or as a team, there is a sport that is right for you. You can take up tennis, golf, or swimming as an active hobby, and you can even save money on new sports equipment. Look for ways to keep costs down by using online promo codes, coupons, and cashback offers.

How would you make money online? Either by documenting or making videos on different aspects of the game for a beginner ,it can range from different thoughts at different stages ,days of training,learning ,types of gears,equipments needed etc etc. Please note that people are beginner at one point of time and they need guidance and shared experiences. This will do wonders to your own understanding of human mind,stages of learning,success and failures during the entire process.

You can either create blog or make youtube videos.

Pick Up a New Instrument

Music adds so much spice to everyday lives, and you may take your love of music one step further by learning to play an instrument. Use promo codes to save on your instrument and music purchases at retailers like Amazon. Once you have what you need, you can learn at home with online tutorials, go to group classes or look for discounted lessons and coupons through sites like Groupon.

Want an even less expensive way to make music ? Work on your singing game for an instrument-free way to immerse yourself in music.

This is a broad category because there are so many musical instruments, all at different price points for type and also brand. Also, space can be an issue for a larger instrument.

Most music shops have used and refurbished instruments and the employees can also provide suggestions if you can’t decide what to choose. The internet also has many sites that offer discounted instruments. Start learning on your own, take lessons, and perhaps join a band when you’re ready.

Relax with Arts and Crafts

Another creative way to reduce stress and keep your hobby costs low is to get into arts and crafts. You can be a artist of anything, from painting watercolors to creating sculptures out of garbage. You can also get the art supplies you need, such as brushes, paper, and paint, without maxing out your budget. In fact, it’s impossible to pay full price at craft stores like Michaels with all the online promo codes and coupons available. Many of these stores offer low-cost classes to help you improve your skills, but you can also learn valuable tips online.

Convert your Hobby into a Business

Many hobbyists do look to put their business savvy into converting a part-time hobby into full-time revenue. If your personal and professional goals match or are in the same direction, you could have the ultimate career: doing what you love. So, the starting point is often researching your market and defining your audience. Once that pencils out, it’s time to review the legal requirements for starting a business in your state.

There are a many potential business structures, but one that is very popular with the hobbyist-turned-entrepreneur community is the LLC. Attractive for its tax benefits, security, and ease of set up, there are still many steps required to establish a bonafide business. Luckily a company formation service can assist with the process and is substantially less expensive than hiring an attorney.

There are tons of ways to save on the supplies you need to pick up new skills, and you can pick up lessons online or with friends. Don’t let your budget hold you back from learning a hobby!


Blogging has been around for almost the same time as internet. journals and diaries were the platforms to write our thoughts on various subjects. You can make a personal blog that only you read and use to unwind or write about something you are interested in, fascinated by, or an expert on. You can even write about trying to find a new hobby ! This is best as a solo activity.

Bloging is almost free if you want to simply write down your thoughts on your computer or in a notebook. Next costing might be the price of a library or computer lab pass for internet, which might be around $30-50 a year.

High End Cost Estimate: $50-100 if an internet connection is needed, as part of your phone data contract or home wifi (price is dependent on company and area). If you get serious about blogging, paying for a host site or domain may be something you are interested in (again, depending on company and type).

Cook / Bake

Cooking or baking can be either a low cost hobby or a high cost hobby, depending on many factors. To keep it cheap, shop produce and product sales, buy only what you need, and carefully read all instructions before starting. There are thousands of free recipes on the internet. You can also check out cookbooks from the library to save money finding recipes to make. This is a fun hobby for couples, an individual, or a small group of people.

Another way to keep it cheap is to use what you have. Whether that may be the kitchen tools already in your possession or the food in your pantry and fridge. Finding used kitchen supplies at discount stores or garage sales is also a great way to save money with this hobby. If this is how you want to spend your free time, then always be on the lookout for sales and bargains for your kitchen.

Low End Cost Estimate: $0-20 a recipe, depending on what you have and what you want to make.

High End Cost Estimate: $50-100 a recipe, depending on what you have and what you want to make.


There are so many craft supplies that are inexpensive or budget-friendly, like felt crafts. Felt is super cheap, as a square is only about 10 to 25 cents. It’s easy to work with, which means you can cut it out and make pictures or decorate clothing. You can also sew plush toys. It’s a relaxing hobby to do alone but you can find cheap craft hobbies that can be done in groups as well.

Take a look around the craft store and see if anything sparks your interest and if it’s within your budget, give it a try. There are so many free tutorials and beginner projects on the internet, too, to help you decide.

Low End Cost Estimate: Free if you use recycled items and what you already have to make crafts. If you are buying materials, roughly $5-10 per craft.

High End Cost Estimate: $25-50+ per craft

Virtual Games

When it comes to unique hobbies, gaming may be in the top three spots these days. There are a few different types of games you can get into, such as card, board, and electronic. Depending on the game, this hobby is great for either one person or multiple.

Video and other digital games can get expensive but many companies offer discounts or give them away for free because there are advertisements and in-game purchases that can help them make a profit.

Alternatively, a pack of cards is only a dollar or two and you can find card game tutorials free online or find books to check out at the library. Mastering Solitaire is also a fun challenge.

Board games can get expensive but there are many ways to make this a free or cheap hobby for yourself. You can make games yourself using paper materials, such as notecards. Think about Pictionary. All you need is ideas written on scraps of paper and some sort of paper or large sketch pad and pen to draw.

Garage sales and thrift stores are also fantastic resources for inexpensive games. Just be sure to check that everything is there. However, many used websites also sell stray pieces so it may still be cheap to complete a set.

Low End Cost Estimate: Free

High End Cost Estimate: $25-50

Learn a Language

Apps like Google’s DuoLingo and Busuu let you learn languages for free. This is one of those interesting hobbies that also benefits you in the long run. Learning a language is not only important on a cultural level but it keeps your brain sharp.

You can also buy or rent language books for more intense study. Again, your budget and level of interest is a factor for this hobby idea.This is a solo activity, though, it’s a big push to continue if you have a buddy to practice with.

Low End Cost Estimate: Free

High End Cost Estimate: $50

Learn Knitting

Knitting is a great hobby to have. Knitting resources, like AllFreeKnitting, provide all the free tutorials, patterns, and videos you need and buying the needles and yarn isn’t expensive if you focus on the basics.

Knitting uses two needles, unlike crochet’s one hook. It’s a popular hobby for people of all ages, both men and women. It’s fun to find patterns you want and then make them yourself. Start with a hat or scarf and then move on to more complicated patterns.

Low End Cost Estimate: $5-10

High End Cost Estimate: $50

Knitting Hobby

Learn to Sew

Sewing is not only fun but it is a life skill which will come in handy at some point. Whether you are learning the basics, like hand sewing buttons, or wanting to make your own wearables or decor, learning to sew is a valuable hobby to have.

Hand sewing is not expensive as all you need is a sewing needle, thread, and fabric. Find tutorials and patterns on sites like AllFreeSewing.

Low End Cost Estimate: $5-10

High End Cost Estimate: $25-50


Magicians always look like they are enjoying themselves! Learning the tricks of their trade will allow you to wow your friends and family and, if you get truly skilled at this hobby, you can even make money. Start small with things like card tricks and then build up with mastering the more complicated sequences.

Low End Cost Estimate: $5-10

High End Cost Estimate: $25-50


This is a personal and low cost hobby that will help you relax and find balance within yourself. It can be as simple as sitting or lying down and trying to clear your mind or you can research and find some tips, advice, and challenges for making meditation a hobby that lasts.

It doesn’t cost anything to meditate but you do need a peaceful area so that you don’t have outside distractions. This can be done indoors or outdoors, whichever makes you more comfortable.

Low End Cost Estimate: Free

High End Cost Estimate: $5-10, for travel or resources

Once you have learnt this hobby ,you might yourself be a instructor for meditation.

Local Exploration

How well do you know the area you live in? It’s amazing how much we miss of things that are right outside or in the vicinity of where we live. This hobby can involve finding the parks in your area if you lovenature, searching for hidden cultural outlets like small museums, or shops and restaurants that may have opened recently.

Doing the research is half the fun and then you can visit a new place each week, more or less often depending on your time commitment to this hobby. This is great for individuals, couples, and groups!

Low End Cost Estimate: Free

High End Cost Estimate: $10-20 a week for travel


The definition of upcycle is to “reuse (discarded objects or material) in such a way as to create a product of higher quality or value than the original.” It’s not unusual to find items for free at the end of driveways, discounted furniture or decor items at thrift stores and garage sales, and around dumpsters. No need to dumpster dive of course, but it is an option.

If you want to give yourself a challenge, turning something like a dilapidated table into a beautiful “new” piece is incredibly rewarding. It takes a lot of love and patience, but often not much money! For simpler upcycling ideas, try finding ways to upcycle or recycle everyday household items, like used K-cups.

Low End Cost Estimate: Free, if using what you have

High End Cost Estimate: $25-50, for materials and supplies

You can register yourself with online marketplaces like amazon,facebook or ebay to sell your crafted products.

Get Creative with Makeup

if you are a close obeserver to social media, you know that influencers have turned makeup application into a many dimensional expressive skill. You can pick up tips to enhance your everyday look or get really creative with some special effects makeup. Best of all, there are plenty of drug-store and bargain-beauty brands to help you keep your cosmetic game on point.

You can also easily find in-store and in-app coupon codes for stores like Sephora, where you can pick up makeup at any price point. Many stores also offer free classes or you can just look up tutorials online to help kill some stress putting together some fierce makeup looks.


On the low end of cost, this great hobby is free because all you need is to look up at the night sky and can learn about the different stars and constellations for free on the internet. On the high end, buying a telescope or astronomy books can increase your interest but will involve spending some money.

Astronomy is one of the most relaxing hobbies imaginable. It’s easy to do solo or with a small group of people. You do have to be a night owl or early bird though!

Low End Cost Estimate: Free

High End Cost Estimate: $50-200


A specific type of exercise is a focussed type of hobby to choose. In this case, anything with wheels! This is one of the best inexpensive hobbies for guys or gals who are looking to be more athletic or like to explore their area.

This hobby is fun and also beneficial because you can do it after work or on weekends to unwind or actually use this hobby to go places. It depends where you live, but you might be able or want to skateboard to a new restaurant, rollerblade to the lake, or bike to the store.

Low End Cost Estimate: $50

High End Cost Estimate: $200

Bike and Rollerblading Hobby

Bird Watch

Watching birds is easy, relaxing, and challenging. You will need a bird book, which you can rent or buy. Another option to make this hobby really budget-friendly by either not needing to identify the birds and simply watching and learning about them or using your smartphone or the internet to find the types of birds you are looking for. Narrow it down by searching for the types that frequent your area. Binoculars help, especially if you will be searching in a heavily-wooded area.

Most areas also have bird watching clubs, many for free. Take a look at those for some social motivation and shared interest.

Low End Cost Estimate: Free

High End Cost Estimate: $10-20

Collect Rocks

If you’re into geology, rock collecting is just as fun as bird watching . You can look for the basics: sedimentary, igneous, and metamorphic or get super specific. The beauty of rock collecting is that you have the option of bring your resources with you or bring the rocks back home to identify, which means this can be a free hobby if you want.

This fun and inexpensive hobby will also encourage you to explore areas with different types of rocks. Travel close to home or far away to find rocks you want to name. It is important to note that you should never take rocks from areas that prohibit it. You also can always identify rocks, take a picture for your records, and then leave them there.

A related hobby idea is to find smooth stones and paint them. It’s also super cheap, fun, and entertaining!

Low End Cost Estimate: Free

High End Cost Estimate: $10-20


Even if you don’t have an outside area, you can still take up gardening ! Start small and in season. Seeds don’t cost a lot, nor do most of the basic supplies. There are also tons of resources online for free or rentable from the library.

If you become a green thumb, you can enjoy this hobby on another level because you can grow your own herbs, vegetables, and fruits! If you have a family, this is a super fun and rewarding family activity but you can also just as easily garden on your own.

If you’ve been itching to get your green thumb dirty, but have been concerned about costs that container gardens may be your best option. Retailers like Home Depot have sales and deals online and they also have plenty of container options to fit any home size.

You can also use items around your home — such as colanders, buckets, and even pots — to grow your own little garden of flowers, plants, or edibles. Still, make sure you look for promo codes or discount offers to help you save on soil, seeds, and other gardening supplies. While you’re online, try looking for easy gardening tips to get your green dreams started.

The picture below is from the Raised Garden Bed Tutorial.

Low End Cost Estimate: $5-10

High End Cost Estimate: $10-50

Raised Garden Bed Tutorial


This hobby idea isn’t that unusual but having a plan and giving yourself daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly goals is a great way to make this a long-lasting low cost hobby. Choose your type of movement, whether it be running, walking, hiking, or swimming.

This is a helpful hobby because it’s active but it’s also incredibly relaxing. Listening to new music, podcasts, or audiobooks provides you with two hobbies at once. Get a buddy or a group together to form a run/walk/hike club or do this solo for self-improvement and stress relief.

Low End Cost Estimate: Free

High End Cost Estimate: $25-200, for equipment, memberships, travel


This can either be indoors or out, depending on what it is. Volunteering is rewarding in a humanitarian sense but it’s also a fantastic way to stave off boredom as well. Volunteer at an animal shelter, soup kitchen, your church, or another organization in your area that you want to support.

You can look online for volunteer opportunities. It may be a year-round thing or random events that come up throughout the year. Volunteering doesn’t cost anything except for travel and you will feel better while you do it because you are bettering the world in some way.

Low End Cost Estimate: Free

High End Cost Estimate: $5-20, for travel