How Can you transfer money from one bank to another online?

Transfer money from one bank to another bank in 2023

FIRST OF ALL you must be having a bank account which is enabled for internet banking. When an SB or Current account is opened, now a days almost all the banks are giving “Welcome kit” which includes, besides Debit(ATM) Card, internet banking details like User ID and Password.

If not, one may apply for net banking separately and get the net banking enabled from the branch where the account was opened.

You should have net enabled PC or mobile. Now key in bank site address in address bar of browser to go to home page of your bank.

Go to Internet banking option. Login with User ID and Password (First time users have to change the Password once they login) and go to NEFT (National Electronic Funds Transfer) in Funds Transfer menu.

You need to necessarily have the beneficiary details (to whom you intend to send money) like Account Number & IFSC of that particular Bank branch.

transfer money from one bank to another online

Transfer money from one account to other

All the banks ask you to add beneficiary in advance before you actually try to effect a NEFT transfer (this is nothing but adding the account details of the beneficiary prior hand).

Go to NEFT menu, select beneficiary, fill IFS Code and the amount to be remitted and submit. Bank will send you OTP (One Time Password) to your mobile (RMN) which you need to fillup and submit again.

If everything is done correctly, a popup will appear confirming the successful submission.

You will receive a message in your mobile about the transaction and a UTR (Unique Transaction Reference) Number for all future correspondence of this transaction.

The receipient’s account will be credited on the same day, mostly within few hours if all the details given by you are correct.

If there is an error, it will obviously fail. And the amount will be credited back to remitter’s account on the same day. It is designed in such a way that this will happen “on its own” and one need not initiate any action for refund.

You need to try once again under NEFT after checking all the keyed in details. Hope this helps.