10 Ways to make money online as students without investment

Make money online as student without investment (May, 2024)

The world is not going to be the same after Corona pandemic. it is harder for everyone on the planet including Indians, Americans, African Chinese only one. since the economy has taken a downturn it will become highly likely the companies will top strength. How to cope up in such scenarios ?  

Are we as someone who does not have enough bank balance or who is yet to start the career can afford to be in these times ? The short answer is NO but the real answer is Do you have it in you ?

Do you have some saleable stuff? Are you a product anyone will be interested to buy? if the answer is no, specially for students or just passed out college guys , it becomes important to realise that we need to build some SKILLS, some EXPERTISE. How do we know what skills we have ?

You are the best judge .Sit and start writing on a piece of paper. Still not getting it ? What is it that you like doing ? watching movies,playing some games, chitchat ,skating ,baseball or what not ? just start knowing yourself better amd WRITING it.

Do we we still have no answer ? In all probability, we will have by now .

once we know ourself more in a documented fashion, lets look around … Why will someone be intetested in you ? if they are not your girlfriend,parents,buddies ,what is it in you ? This world needs or expects A VALUE from you .

How do you give them that and where do you give them ?

How .is what you need to develop. Faster we do it ,more clear things will be to you . As on today , things will look blurrd and might pass your attention . But this truth wont leave you till your next life.

One of the most important ADVANTAGES to be in current era is TRANSACTIONS have increased multiple fold in digital world

So what is it which you can Give VALUE to the world .? Say you are a good painter or a good singer. Good again is subjective ….But in current world , Mostly it is capitalist …SO A free market will decide..Where is free market. ? Right in front of you …Digital World ,Real world.

Digital world costs you your effort ,knowledge to show to the world that you are a great PAINTER. Physical world will require you to have shows,rooms ,people ,parties ,promotions ,you can imagine almost everything ….So, whats the point..

First of all note down what strength tor hobbies you have ? can u monetise it ? Are you good enough to monetise it in your hobbies ,skills …if yes , then the next question is Are you in great hurry due to your situation  to earn BIG money instantly. …There is virtually no such field,job where you can EARN BIG instantly.. VALUE what value do you bring to the table.

That’s a really hard question for a FRESHER or inexperied and experienced without skillsets. Hence ,develop a SKILL which is saleable. Else ,you will be wiped out in this FAIR Market. Opportunities are huge for people with skills and the unskilled ends up being the aid to the skilled. That’s not a good situation to be during most part of your life.

Hence, SKILLbuilding is a slow,gradual process and is dependent very much on YOURSELF,…YOUR application of your mind and time to build that skill.

Making online Money while building a skill is also a good way to start to slowly build your confidence,expertise of your field. FREELANCE …you must have heard it …but what it actually means ?

One of the definition for a freelance is a  job is one where a person works for themselves, rather than for a company. While freelancers do take on contract work for companies and organizations, they are ultimately self-employed.

Welcome to clubs of bill gates ,elon musks and Steve jobs and most Successful people across the globe .All of them were freelancers at one point of time . Differentiating factor was that they had some skills…developed many with time  and that’s what is expected of you.

So , try out these portals to start your freelance work. Please note that this process also requires you to compete in a FAIR market in an unfair life J


Freelancer is an Australian crowdsourcing marketplace website, which allows potential employers to post jobs that freelancers can then bid to complete. Founded in 2009, its headquarters is located in Sydney, Australia . So this website is useful for both customers and service providers.

Working on freelancer.

  • Sign Up or Create an Worker Account.
  • Set up your profile with your resume, experience etc.
  • Input your skills and give a time bound commitment.
  • Research the portal and find  projects matching
  • Start fulfilling projects and Get paid
  • Also ask for feedback from your employers.

Follow the above steps to earn from the Freelancer website.


Fiverr is an online marketplace for freelance services. Founded in 2010 and based in Jerusalem, Israel, the company provides a platform for freelancers to offer services to customers worldwide.

Services are available at really cheap price of $5 only millions of users started using Fiverr to sell or buy services.

Strategy for Fivver

The process  is of smilimar kind as freelancer. One of the suggestion is to research the entire Website along with the Reviews. After sigining up as worker account. Check for your area of expertise or field work on fiver. Create your own profile ,optimise the profile with past works.,projects if any…or aggressively start searching for projects to build your profile ..

As with all processes, it will take some time to build your client base .But once you have them , you are the next STEVE or Gates .

Deliver the projects . Get paid

These are small steps to start earning from Fivver

The BASIC MANTRA  is that you need to build your PROFILE ,CUSTOMERS first to get work.. So,Initially it will be hard work but once you have your clients ready.SKY is the limit. You can start hiring people ,directly be in touch with clients locally and what not….

ACTION is what is expected to make money .

Upwork :

Upwork, formerly Elance-oDesk, is a global freelancing platform where businesses or individuals connect to conduct business. In 2015, Elance-oDesk was rebranded as Upwork. It is based in Santa Clara and San Francisco, California.

Working on Upwork

Write  a great Profile with eye catching headlines and Overview. Start Send Winning Proposalsm .Experienced professionals suggest to Keep your Application Short

Read the Job Description Completely and complete the Job Application.

Also it is suggested to be selective on bids for a job. Get your references if possible on upwork and get the work from that platform. It is advisable to be flexible and professional in work. Keep learning and earning with time and experience.

Content creation on youtube:

earn money online in india for students without any investment

You must have been  heard and seen many stories on youtube about people making money from youtube.  Some of them are true but most of them are subject to data. But the logical thing is that youtube is a content platform and people across the globe upload content on it .

Youtube gets advertisers for its platform and youtube runs ads for them on the content created by people.

People have to follow terms and conditions set by youtube in order to start their ads and generate money for themselves and you. The short story is that you need to be producing content which you think you will continue to do without any money expectation in the short run.

All these online models are with the intent of getting platforms to showcase your work . The basic logic is to be able to provide value in terms of your work,videos which people use to gain, entertainment,education,information,help them improve themselves or provide solutions to their problems.

Youtube has algorithm where it promotes content but again the whole logic is what you are passionate or love doing or do it as hobby for content production.

It has to be clear on mind that you wont start making money from tomorrow or 2-3 months on the conservative side once you start creating content.

Publish e-book to earn money online

if you are interested write a book? This can be used to earn money online in India for students. Writing a book can be very absorbing ,creative work as it lets you explore many opportunities at such a young age.

Sometimes, it can get very tough as every writer will have moments where the first few pages will be blank but you need to have a writing habit in order to get into this field and make a name out of yourself otherwise you will be just another writer with no audience in particular.

Since you will be writing your book for the first time or you are a beginner you can easily publish your e-book for free without any issues on the following websites –

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)
Apple eBook Store
Create Space

Blogging in 2022:

What is blogging and if you keep hearing the word , the basic reason is that there are around 1 billion blogs on the planet . people are writing and publishing . few do it as profession,some do it as hobby. Many do it for short of term . Long term players are the ones who create content with targeted audience and topics make lot of money.

What is required for blogging.

PATIENCE – it is not quick fix solution for money making .

Love for Reading and writing content –  Some people love to gain information,knowledge in their area of interest. Most of us are consumers but there are few producers of content. Do you want to be producer of content ?  Are you willing ot showcase and work hard to improve your content .

If that answer is yes .go for blogging with your expertise field.hobby field. Analyse your immediate and long term goal.

Blogging is not for short term player if you are not technically sound in blogging. Assuming you are new bie , you will have to be paitent as there is a LEARNING CURVE which requires time and lot of your effort to master the art.

Ask yourself the question . Are you willing to invest time for learning ?

“How can you start a blog ?

  • Choose a website that you want to use for blogging. WordPress is a great platform to start with if you are a beginner
  • Pick your blog name; it should be catchy and should match with what theme you are going for
  • Choose a free template and make it attractive
  • Write and publish your first article
  • Promote your blog by sharing it on various social media platforms
  • Finally, make money out of it.
  • Since this will be your first time at blogging, I will also share some tips as to how you can get better at it-
  • Understand your audience
  • Write for yourself first
  • Build your email list
  • Have a passion for what you will be writing
  • Get ideas from your audience, try to make it interactive and appealing that it will answer all the questions from your audience who you engage with on social media
  • Stay focussed and dedicated
  • Write unique content
  • Use SEO friendly theme
  • Make your blog design reader-friendly
  • Always reply to comments
  • Be consistent with your posting schedule
  • There are some other things which you should take care of such as-
  • What you are writing
  • Knowledge about SEO
  • Promotion
  • Marketing
  • Monetization

Affiliate Marketing:

Half of your battle is already won if you have been blogging or know the basics of blogging as affiliate marketing is again on similar lines.

In affiliate marketing you basically create platform for yourself for ad opportunities to sell product or service of others. Get your comisison if there is sale from your platform /blog/website, you get your commission.

Sell your old books:

If you are an ardent reader and have finally come to terms with the hard fact: that not all books you have read should be treasured forever. Selling them could be a way to earn money online in India for students. When you have come to this point, you will want to clean out your bookshelf. So, that means it’s time to sell your old books.

There are many websites where you can sell your books online and get a reasonable price for it.


You can sell your books online by setting up a seller account and listing your books. By doing this you will have a product page for each book that you want to sell and wait for a buyer. This work requires commitment.

Online Buy Back Programs:

There are many sites that will let you enter your book ISBNs, you will have to answer a few questions about quality, and then you will be given a price for your book along with a shipping label.

Your local market
You can always go to your nearby local stores where you can sell your used books. Many stores also offer cashback for your books or store credit. Although it would be better if you call them ahead and check on their requirements.


This is a popular online marketplace that also has a category to sell used/old books. You can sell any kind of books ranging from children’s books, academic textbooks, fiction & non-fiction titles, and other varieties at very heavily discounted prices


This is another popular portal where many requests for academic textbooks are made every day. So, if you have completed studying for your competitive exams then you can easily put it on sale for others as there are many students out there who can’t afford competitive examination books so they prefer buying second-handbooks

I will also list down some sales tips for selling your books-

  • Always be honest about the condition of your books, if your buyers are not happy then they have the option to report you to the website through which you sold.
  • You might want to invest in some shipping envelopes and other packaging materials, keeping in mind that they are water-resistant and that you wrap your books carefully.
  • Make sure that you communicate with the tracking number to check whether the package has reached its destination or not.
  • If you find the task of selling books very tedious then you can always donate them to local schools or stores.

Any reader can  signup with retailers like Amazon and Flipkart, promote your products on your blog and social media to make decent brokerage for the sales. Example, you can choose to write about cameras,books,mats ,cars etc etc  for your readers . ONnce your reader purchase from links provided by you on your website. You get paid .

Final conclusion

My assessment is that online money making is a relatively CHEAP and almost free process but requires your investment in terms of personal time and expertise. Learning  while earning is the real takeway on online platforms. But learning has a cost of time ,effort and improvement.

That basic criteria wont change ever either in physical  world or on online platforms. Which one of the ways do you think makes sense to you and why ? share your feedback ,if possible to let us know if our article on ways to earn money online without investment for students helped you in any ways.