Solo crypto OverView in 2024

What Is SOLO crypto?

Solo crypto or Sologenic crypto is an ecosystem aiming to simplify the process of a low-cost, on-demand, and secure tokenization of non-blockchain assets on the XRP Ledger. It is an sophisticated ecosystem which utilizes the on- demand tokenization of a wide range of assets. 

Solo crypto OverView

The xrp ledger mentioned here is powered by peer to peer network. It is a cryptographic ledger and is decentralized. Tokenization means the making or creating the digital tokens representing either physical or digital assets on a distributed ledger or blockchain.

These tokenized assets can be traded against solo crypto and XRP. The Sologenic ecosystem acts as bridge for blockchain and other asset such as stocks. The sologenic ecosystem provides a platform for trading non-blockchain assets, crypto cards, staking rewards and participation of community.

History of Sologenic (SOLO):

Before moving further let’s talk about the history of solo cryptos. It is founded by Bob Rasand Reza Bashash. Bob Ras is an entrepreneur and has established several manufacturing, tech, marketing ventures. He was also co-founder and CEO of coinfield.

Solo crypto Over View

Reza Bashash is an experienced engineer working in artificial intelligence and fintech sectors with over 10 years work experience. He is the CTO and founder of semantile technologies.

How holders and market is benefitted from Sologenic?

Theholders of the SOLO are rewarded by staking or betting SOLO into SOLO Savings Program. Sologenic aims towards the growth of ecosystem, increase the global reach, and increase the value of the SOLO coin to protect all the initial Holders’ and its makes sure this with its SOLO expansion fund. The platform also helps in maintaining stability in the market price by assigning a small portion of this fund to create SSP.

Challenges in the traditional asset trading industry and how solo genic solves the issues.

Access to global assets is limited:

People in many economies have no access of financial services and assets globally. The main reasons for this limited access is financial literacy, high intermediary cost, geopolitical uncertainty, low income levels and sometimes lack of trust in financial institutions.

Regional nature of economic markets:

 The economic markets have regional nature which does not support value exchange on a cross-border scale. The investor must invest a particular capital amount in qualifying for direct access to certain assets then only he will be able to make direct investments in foreign market.

No technology for cross-asset trading:

The trading systems existing in the market are limited only to assets like ETFs and stocks. But these trading platforms does not have the technology necessary for facilitating cross-asset trading. A trader cannot exchange  cryptocurrencies with other traditional financial instruments.

The Sologenic ecosystem aims to fight the above mentioned challenges. It focuses on reducing the complexity, and cost of traditional trading system. It also makes sure that the transfer of assets is done smoothly and thus creates a simple, fast, and secure infrastructure.

 Sologenic also makes sure that the existing financial instruments have same benefits like blockchain and thus aims to apply them. Solo genic with its modules like decentralized exchange module, a block chain module, a tokenization module, and an order fulfilment module tries to achieve this.

These above mentioned components of sologenic are classified into decentralized exchange (DEX) and asset tokenization platform (ATP). The asset tokenization platform combines various developed technologies and ensures maximum security with its secure, robust, and advanced architecture. While the Sologenic DEX is an open-source gateway and allows customers to connect their wallets and also trade their tokenized assets with other customers peer-to-peer in real time.

Tokens provided by the sologenic ecosystem.

solegenic ecosystem

The solegenic ecosystem has two types of ecosystem.


The SOLO coin is an utility token that provides liquidity. They act as market makers and these coins can also be traded against cryptocurrencies. Sologenic aims to offer discounts on trading fees to holders of the coin and also offers Liquidity Provider Reward Program (LPRP). In the mentioned program the rewards are provided to the users by the sologenic.

SOLO holders are also provided with a free SOLO Card by the platform, by which they can sell their cryptos around the globe. They can avail variousbenefitssuch as monthly cashback, private events, discounts on select hotels, airport lounge access, plus many more benefits. Card tiers like Black plastic, black metal, black executive metal, and black prestige carbon fiber can be choosed based on how many SOLO users have in their wallet.

Tokenized Assets

These tokenized Assets are backed by traditional currencies or stocks available only to trade on Sologenic due to required securities brokerage licenses.

How to buy SOLO?

To buy SOLO you need to first search for what cryptocurrencies SOLO can be exchanged for, then you can purchase SOLO by trading it with that cryptocurrency.